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Keith Urban
Album Lyrics: Golden Road

Keith Urban
"Golden Road"

5. You'll Think Of Me playlist

Album Lyrics: The Story So Far [2012]

Keith Urban
"The Story So Far [2012]"

1. Days Go By playlist
2. Better Life playlist
3. Making Memories of Us playlist
4. You're My Better Half playlist
5. Tonight I Wanna Cry playlist
6. Somebody Like You playlist
7. Raining on Sunday playlist
8. You'll Think of Me playlist
9. Kiss A Girl playlist
10. Sweet Thing playlist
11. Only You Can Love Me This Way playlist
12. Put You In A Song playlist
13. Long Hot Summer playlist
14. Without You playlist
15. You Look Good in My Shirt playlist
16. I Told You So playlist
17. Stupid Boy playlist
18. Once in a Lifetime playlist
19. For You playlist

Album Lyrics: Be Here (Bonus Track) [2004]

Keith Urban
"Be Here (Bonus Track) [2004]"

1. God's Been Good to Me playlist
2. The Hard Way playlist
3. Country Comfort playlist
4. I Could Fly playlist

Album Lyrics: Be Here [2004]

Keith Urban
"Be Here [2004]"

1. Could Fly playlist

Album Lyrics: Days Go By [2005]

Keith Urban
"Days Go By [2005]"

1. She's Gotta Be playlist
2. Nobody Drinks Alone playlist
3. Live to Love Another Day playlist
4. These Are the Days playlist
5. You (Or Somebody Like You) playlist

Album Lyrics: Take 2 [2006]

Keith Urban
"Take 2 [2006]"

1. You Won playlist
2. You're Not Alone Tonight playlist
3. Whenever I Run playlist
4. What About Me playlist
5. Jeans On playlist
6. Song for Dad playlist
7. You're Not My God playlist
8. It's a Love Thing playlist
9. I Wannna Be Your Man (Forever) playlist
10. A Little Luck of Our Own playlist
11. You're the Only One playlist
12. If You Wanna Stay playlist
13. Don't Shut Me Out playlist
14. Out on My Own playlist
15. Rollercoaster (Instru,) playlist
16. I Thought You Knew playlist

Album Lyrics: Defying Gravity [2009]

Keith Urban
"Defying Gravity [2009]"

1. If Ever I Could Love playlist
2. 'Til Summers Comes Around playlist
3. My Heart Is Open playlist
4. Hit The Ground Runnin' playlist
5. Standing Right In Front Of You playlist
6. Why's It Feel So Long playlist
7. I'm In playlist
8. Thank You playlist

Album Lyrics: Get Closer [2010]

Keith Urban
"Get Closer [2010]"

1. You Gonna Fly playlist
2. Georgia Woods playlist
3. Right On Back To You playlist
4. Shut Out The Lights playlist
5. All For You playlist

Album Lyrics: Greatest Hits [2008]

Keith Urban
"Greatest Hits [2008]"

1. Who Wouldn't Want to Be Me playlist
2. Romeo's Tune playlist
3. Got It Right This Time playlist
4. But for the Grace of God playlist
5. Where the Blacktop Ends playlist
6. Your Everything playlist
7. Everybody playlist

Album Lyrics: Golden Road [2000]

Keith Urban
"Golden Road [2000]"

1. One Chord Song (Hidden Track) playlist

Album Lyrics: In the Ranch [Liberty] [2004]

Keith Urban
"In the Ranch [Liberty] [2004]"

1. Walkin' the Country playlist
2. Homespun Love playlist
3. Just Some Love playlist
4. Some Days You Gotta Dance playlist
5. My Last Name playlist
6. Desiree playlist
7. Freedom's Finally Mine playlist
8. Hank Don't Fail Me Now playlist
9. Tangled Up in Love playlist
10. Clutterbilly (Instru.) playlist
11. Man of the House playlist
12. Ghost in this Guitar playlist
13. Stuck in the Middle With You playlist
14. Billy playlist

Album Lyrics: Keith Urban 1991 [1997]

Keith Urban
"Keith Urban 1991 [1997]"

1. Only You playlist
2. Got it Bad playlist
3. Blue Stranger playlist
4. Without you (1997) playlist
5. Arms of Mary playlist
6. Yesterday playlist
7. Don't Go playlist
8. Hold on to Your Dreams playlist
9. Lovin' on the Side playlist
10. Future Plans playlist
11. Love We Got Goin' playlist
12. The River playlist
13. What Love Is That Way playlist
14. I Never Work on a Sunday playlist

Album Lyrics: Love, Pain and the Whole Crazy Thing [2006]

Keith Urban
"Love, Pain and the Whole Crazy Thing [2006]"

1. Shine playlist
2. I Can't Stop Loving You playlist
3. Won't Let You Down playlist
4. Faster Car playlist
5. Used to the Pain playlist
6. Raise the Barn playlist
7. God Made Woman playlist
8. Tu CompaƱia playlist

Album Lyrics: Multi-Artists Albums: With 1 Track by Keith Urban

Keith Urban
"Multi-Artists Albums: With 1 Track by Keith Urban"

1. Track 01. Sunburned Country playlist
2. Track 06. Apples and Bananas playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Keith Urban

Keith Urban
"Other Songs - Keith Urban"

1. Good Morning Beautiful Day playlist
2. I Made It Through Today playlist
3. In God's Hands Lyrics playlist
4. Little Bit Of Everything playlist
5. Out On My Own Again playlist
6. Sometimes Angels Can't Fly playlist
7. Start A Band playlist
8. The Luxury Of Knowing playlist