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New Edition
Album Lyrics: New Edition

New Edition
"New Edition"

1. Bring Back The Memories playlist

Album Lyrics: Candy Girl

New Edition
"Candy Girl"

1. Is This The End playlist
2. Popcorn Love playlist
3. Candy Girl playlist

Album Lyrics: All for Love

New Edition
"All for Love"

1. With You All The Way playlist

Album Lyrics: Under the Blue Moon

New Edition
"Under the Blue Moon"

1. A Million To One playlist
2. Duke Of Earl playlist
3. Hey There Lonely Girl playlist
4. A Thousand Miles Away playlist
5. Tears On My Pillow playlist
6. Blue Moon playlist
7. Since I Don't Have You playlist
8. Earth Angel playlist

Album Lyrics: Heart Break

New Edition
"Heart Break"

1. If It Isn't Love playlist
2. Can You Stand The Rain playlist
3. Boys To Men playlist

Album Lyrics: Home Again

New Edition
"Home Again"

1. Oh Yeah, It Feels So Good playlist
2. Hit Me Off playlist
3. You Don't Have To Worry playlist
4. Something About You playlist
5. One More Day playlist
6. Home Again playlist

Album Lyrics: One Love

New Edition
"One Love"

1. Hot 2nite playlist
2. Last Time playlist
3. Leave Me playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - New Edition

New Edition
"Other Songs - New Edition"

1. A Little Bit Of Love playlist
2. Before I Let You Go playlist
3. I'm Still In Love With You playlist
4. My Prerogative playlist
5. Siempre Tu playlist