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Asaf Avidan
Album Lyrics: Different Pulses [2012]

Asaf Avidan
"Different Pulses [2012]"

1. Different Pulses playlist
2. Setting Scalpels Free playlist
3. Love It Or Leave It playlist
4. Cyclamen playlist
5. 613 playlist
6. Thumbtacks In My Marrow playlist
7. Conspiratory Visions Of Gomorrah playlist
8. A Gun and A Choice playlist
9. Turn playlist
10. The Disciple playlist
11. Is This It? playlist
12. Is This It playlist

Album Lyrics: Now That You're Leaving [2006]

Asaf Avidan
"Now That You're Leaving [2006]"

1. Slowing Down playlist
2. This Cool playlist
3. Everybody playlist
4. Wait For It playlist
5. Baby If You Want Me playlist
6. Long Way From Love playlist

Album Lyrics: Poor Boy/Lucky Man [2009]

Asaf Avidan
"Poor Boy/Lucky Man [2009]"

1. Brickman playlist
2. Poor Boy/Lucky Man playlist
4. My Favorite Clown playlist
5. Small Change Girl playlist
10. Your Anchor playlist

Album Lyrics: The Reckoning [2008]

Asaf Avidan
"The Reckoning [2008]"

1. Maybe You Are playlist
2. Hangwoman playlist
3. Her Lies playlist
4. Weak playlist
5. Reckoning Song playlist
6. Sweat And Tears playlist
7. Rubberband Girl playlist
9. Over You Blues playlist
10. Empty Handed Saturday Blues playlist
11. A Ghost Before The Wall playlist
12. Growing Tall playlist
13. Little More Time playlist
14. Devil's Dance playlist
15. Of Scorpions & Bells playlist

Album Lyrics: Through The Gale [2010]

Asaf Avidan
"Through The Gale [2010]"

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Asaf Avidan

Asaf Avidan
"Other Songs - Asaf Avidan"

1. One Day/Reckoning Song playlist

Album Lyrics: W9 Hits 2013 Volume 2 [2013]

Asaf Avidan
"W9 Hits 2013 Volume 2 [2013]"

1. Different Pulses playlist

Album Lyrics: NRJ Hit List 2013 [2013]

Asaf Avidan
"NRJ Hit List 2013 [2013]"

1. Love It Or Leave It playlist