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Cher Lloyd
Album Lyrics: Cher's X-Factor Live Performances [2010]

Cher Lloyd
"Cher's X-Factor Live Performances [2010]"

1. Just Be Good To Green playlist
2. It's A Hard Knock Life playlist
3. No Diggity/Shout playlist
4. Stay playlist
5. Empire State of Mind playlist
6. Sorry Seems the Hardest Word/Mockingbird playlist

Album Lyrics: Sticks + Stones [2011]

Cher Lloyd
"Sticks + Stones [2011]"

1. Grow Up playlist
2. With Ur Love playlist
3. Swagger Jagger playlist
4. Beautiful People playlist
5. Playa Boi playlist
6. Superhero playlist
7. Over The Moon playlist
8. Dub On The Track playlist
9. End Up Here playlist

Album Lyrics: NRJ Hit List 2012 Vol. 2 [2012]

Cher Lloyd
"NRJ Hit List 2012 Vol. 2 [2012]"

1. Want U Back playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Cher Lloyd

Cher Lloyd
"Other Songs - Cher Lloyd"

1. Behind The Music playlist
2. Didn't Want To End Up Here playlist
3. It's All Good playlist
4. Just Be Good To Me playlist
5. Love Me For Me playlist
6. Oath playlist
7. Riot! playlist
8. Talkin' That playlist
9. The Clapping Song playlist
10. Turn My Sway On playlist
11. Viva La Vida playlist
12. Where Is The Love playlist