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Album Lyrics: All The Little Lights [2012] [2012]

All The Little Lights [2012]

"All The Little Lights [2012]"

1. Things That Stop You Dreaming playlist
2. Let Her Go playlist
3. Staring At The Stars playlist
4. All The Little Lights playlist
5. The Wrong Direction playlist
6. Circles playlist
7. Keep On Walking playlist
8. Patient Love playlist
9. Life's For The Living playlist
10. Holes playlist
11. Feather On The Clyde playlist
12. I Hate (Live From The Borderline, London) playlist

Album Lyrics: Divers & Submarines [2010]

"Divers & Submarines [2010]"

1. Community Centre playlist
2. Fairytales & Firesides playlist
3. Divers And Submarines playlist
4. Facebook playlist
5. House On A Hill playlist
6. Two Tales playlist
7. Intacto playlist
8. Crows In Snow playlist
9. Brick Walls playlist

Album Lyrics: Flight Of The Crow [2010]

"Flight Of The Crow [2010]"

1. Month Of Sunday's (Feat. Brian Campeau & Elana Stone) playlist
2. What You're Thinking playlist
3. Shape Of Love playlist
4. The One You Love playlist
5. Golden Thread (Feat. Matt Corby) playlist
6. Rivers playlist
7. Travelling Song (Feat. Gabrielle Huber & Cameron Potts) playlist
8. The Girl Running playlist
9. Diamonds (Feat. Simon R. Beckleman) playlist
10. Bloodstains playlist
11. Flight Of The Crow playlist

Album Lyrics: Wicked Man's Rest [2008]

"Wicked Man's Rest [2008]"

1. Wicked Man's Rest playlist
2. Things You've Never Done playlist
3. Girl I Once Knew playlist
4. Do What You Like playlist
5. Needle In The Dark playlist
6. Four Horses playlist
7. You're On My Mind playlist
8. For You playlist
9. Walk In The Rain playlist
10. Table For One playlist

Album Lyrics: Wide Eyes Blind Love [2009]

"Wide Eyes Blind Love [2009]"

1. The Last Unicorn playlist
2. What Will Become Of Us playlist
3. I See Love playlist
4. Rainbows playlist
5. Caravan playlist
6. Wide Eyes playlist
7. Underwater Bride playlist
8. Starlings playlist
9. Blind Love playlist
10. Snowflakes playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Passenger

"Other Songs - Passenger"

1. Darkest Days playlist
2. I Hate playlist
3. In Reverse playlist
4. Night Vision Binoculars playlist
5. No Diggity & Thrift Shop playlist
6. Rain playlist
7. The Things That Stop You Dreaming playlist
8. Whispers playlist
9. Finger My Twat playlist

Album Lyrics: More Music From The Breeze [2013]

"More Music From The Breeze [2013]"

1. Let Her Go playlist

Album Lyrics: Season 1 [2012]

"Season 1 [2012]"

1. Feather On The Clyde playlist

Album Lyrics: Now That's What I Call Music, Vol. 43 [2013]

"Now That's What I Call Music, Vol. 43 [2013]"

1. Let Her Go playlist

Album Lyrics: Whispers [2014]

"Whispers [2014]"

1. Hearts On Fire (feat. Ed Sheeran) playlist