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Adam Lambert
Album Lyrics: Glam Nation Live [2011]

Adam Lambert
"Glam Nation Live [2011]"

1. Whataya Want From Me playlist
2. Music Again playlist
3. Aftermath playlist
4. Soaked playlist
5. Ring Of Fire playlist
6. Strut playlist
7. Sure Fire Winners playlist
8. If I Had You playlist
9. Fever playlist
10. Sleepwalker playlist
11. Down The Rabbit Hole playlist
12. Voodoo playlist
13. 20th Century Boy playlist

Album Lyrics: Acoustic Live! [2010]

Adam Lambert
"Acoustic Live! [2010]"

1. Mad World playlist

Album Lyrics: American Idol Season 8 [2009]

Adam Lambert
"American Idol Season 8 [2009]"

1. Black Or White playlist
2. Born To Be Wild playlist
3. Cryin' playlist
4. Feeling Good playlist
5. If I Can't Have You playlist
6. One playlist
7. Play That Funky Music playlist
8. The Tracks Of My Tears playlist
9. Whole Lotta Love playlist
10. A Change Is Gonna Come playlist

Album Lyrics: Beg For Mercy [2011]

Adam Lambert
"Beg For Mercy [2011]"

1. Beg For Mercy playlist
2. Rough Trade playlist
3. The Circle playlist
4. Turning On playlist
7. Pop Goes The Camera playlist
9. Crawl Through The Fire playlist

Album Lyrics: For Your Entertainment [2009]

Adam Lambert
"For Your Entertainment [2009]"

1. For Your Entertainment playlist
2. A Loaded Smile playlist
3. Pick U Up playlist
4. Broken Open playlist
5. Time For Miracles playlist

Album Lyrics: Take One [2009]

Adam Lambert
"Take One [2009]"

1. Climb playlist
2. December playlist
3. Fields playlist
4. Did You Need It playlist
5. More Than playlist
6. Wonderful playlist
7. Castle Man playlist
8. Hourglass playlist
9. Light Falls Away playlist
11. Want playlist
13. On With The Show playlist

Album Lyrics: Trespassing [2012]

Adam Lambert
"Trespassing [2012]"

1. Trespassing playlist
2. Cuckoo playlist
3. Shady playlist
4. Never Close Our Eyes playlist
5. Kickin' In playlist
6. Naked Love playlist
7. Pop That Lock playlist
8. Better Than I Know Myself playlist
9. Broken English playlist
10. Underneath playlist
11. Chokehold playlist
12. Outlaws Of Love playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert
"Other Songs - Adam Lambert"

1. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction playlist
2. Before We Take It There playlist
4. Bohemian Rhapsody playlist
5. Can't Let You Go playlist
6. Can't Take That Away From Me playlist
8. Don't Call Here No More playlist
10. Entertainment playlist
11. Glamorize playlist
12. I Got This playlist
13. Is Anybody Listening? playlist
14. Kiss And Tell playlist
16. Master Plan playlist
17. Nirvana playlist
18. No Boundaries playlist
19. Obsession playlist
20. Riot playlist
22. Runnin' playlist
23. Slow Ride playlist
24. Starlight playlist
26. Take Back playlist
27. What You Do playlist
28. What's Up playlist
29. Love Wins Over Glamour playlist