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Alice In Chains
Album Lyrics: Music Bank [1999]

Alice In Chains
"Music Bank [1999]"

1. Grind playlist
2. Heaven Beside You playlist
3. Head Creeps playlist
4. Frogs playlist
5. Over Now playlist
6. Rain When I Die playlist
7. Sickman playlist
8. Dirt playlist
9. God Smack playlist
10. Iron Gland playlist
11. Hate To Feel playlist
12. Down In A Hole playlist
13. We Die Young playlist
14. Sea Of Sorrow playlist
15. I Can't Remember playlist
16. It Ain't Like That playlist
17. Confusion playlist
18. Nutshell playlist
19. I Stay Away playlist
20. No Excuses playlist
21. Get Born Again playlist
22. I Can't Have You Blues playlist
23. Whatcha Gonna Do playlist
24. Social Parasite playlist
25. Killing Yourself playlist
26. Right Turn playlist
27. Got Me Wrong playlist
28. Fear The Voices playlist
29. Lying Season playlist
30. Brother playlist
31. Am I Inside playlist
32. What The Hell Have I? playlist
33. Killer Is Me playlist
34. Died playlist
35. What The Hell Have I playlist

Album Lyrics: Alice In Chains [1995]

Alice In Chains
"Alice In Chains [1995]"

1. Brush Away playlist
2. Shame In You playlist
3. So Close playlist
4. Nothin' Song playlist

Album Lyrics: Unplugged [1996]

Alice In Chains
"Unplugged [1996]"

1. Sludge Factory playlist

Album Lyrics: Live [2000]

Alice In Chains
"Live [2000]"

1. Again playlist
2. God Am playlist
3. Them Bones playlist
4. Dam That River playlist
5. Rooster playlist
6. Junkhead playlist
7. Angry Chair playlist
8. Would? playlist
9. Man In The Box playlist
10. Bleed The Freak playlist
11. Love, Hate, Love playlist
12. Queen Of The Rodeo (Live) playlist
13. A Little Bitter playlist
14. Would playlist

Album Lyrics: Black Gives Way To Blue [2009]

Alice In Chains
"Black Gives Way To Blue [2009]"

1. All Secrets Known playlist
2. Check My Brain playlist
3. Last Of My Kind playlist
4. Your Decision playlist
5. A Looking In View playlist
6. When The Sun Rose Again playlist
7. Acid Bubble playlist
8. Lesson Learned playlist
9. Take Her Out playlist
10. Private Hell playlist
11. Black Gives Way To Blue playlist

Album Lyrics: Facelift [1990]

Alice In Chains
"Facelift [1990]"

1. Sunshine playlist
2. Put You Down playlist
3. I Know Somethin' (Bout You) playlist
4. Real Thing playlist

Album Lyrics: Jar Of Flies [1994]

Alice In Chains
"Jar Of Flies [1994]"

1. Rotten Apple playlist
2. Whale & Wasp playlist
3. Don't Follow playlist
4. Swing On This playlist

Album Lyrics: Sap [1992]

Alice In Chains
"Sap [1992]"

1. Love Song playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Alice In Chains

Alice In Chains
"Other Songs - Alice In Chains"

1. Alone playlist
2. Blue playlist
3. Chemical Addiction playlist
4. Distance Aside playlist
5. Fairytale Love Story playlist
6. Foolish playlist
7. Heaven N' Hell playlist
8. I Don't Wanna Be A Soldier playlist
9. I've Seen All This World I Care To See playlist
10. King Of The Katz playlist
11. Leave Me Alone playlist
12. Lip Lock Rock playlist
13. More Than U R playlist
14. Ring Them Bells playlist
15. Suffragette City(David Bowie Cover) playlist
16. Untitled playlist

Album Lyrics: The Devil Put Dinousaurs Here [2013]

Alice In Chains
"The Devil Put Dinousaurs Here [2013]"

1. Hollow playlist