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Album Lyrics: Dancing Between The Fibers Of Time [2012]

"Dancing Between The Fibers Of Time [2012]"

1. Ready Fuels playlist
2. Foreign Language playlist
3. Change The World playlist
4. Glass To The Arson playlist
5. Godspeed playlist
6. A Whisper & A Clamor playlist
7. The Unwinding Cable Car playlist
8. Dismantle.Repair. playlist
9. The Feel Good Drag playlist
10. Never Take Friendship Personal playlist
11. Paperthin Hymn playlist
12. The Haunting playlist
13. A Day Late playlist

Album Lyrics: Blueprints for the Black Market [2003]

"Blueprints for the Black Market [2003]"

1. Cold War Transmissions playlist
2. Undeveloped Story playlist
3. Autobahn playlist
4. We Dreamt In Heist playlist

Album Lyrics: Lost Songs [2007]

"Lost Songs [2007]"

1. Cadence playlist
2. Naive Orleans playlist
3. Uncanny playlist
4. There Is A Light That Never Goes Out playlist
5. The Promise playlist
6. Like A Rolling Stone playlist
7. Enjoy The Silence playlist
8. Downtown Song playlist
9. Creep (Radiohead Cover) playlist
10. Baby Please Come Home playlist
11. Driving (demo) playlist
12. Everywhere And In Between playlist

Album Lyrics: Cities [2007]

"Cities [2007]"

1. (Début) playlist
2. Adelaide playlist
3. There is No Mathematics to Love and Loss playlist
4. Hello Alone playlist
5. Alexithymia playlist
6. Reclusion playlist
7. Inevitable playlist
8. (*Fin) playlist

Album Lyrics: Dark Is The Way, Light Is A Place [2010]

"Dark Is The Way, Light Is A Place [2010]"

1. We Owe This To Ourselves playlist
2. Impossible playlist
3. Take Me (As You Found Me) playlist
4. Closer playlist
5. You Belong Here playlist
6. Pray Tell playlist
7. Art of War playlist
8. To The Wolves playlist
9. Down playlist
10. Depraved playlist

Album Lyrics: Never Take Friendship Personal [2005]

"Never Take Friendship Personal [2005]"

1. Stationary Stationery playlist
2. (The Symphony Of) Blasé playlist
3. The Runaways playlist
4. Time and Confusion playlist
5. Audrey, Start the Revolution playlist
6. A Heavy Hearted Work Of Staggering Genius playlist
7. Dance, Dance, Christa Päffgen playlist

Album Lyrics: New Surrender [2008]

"New Surrender [2008]"

1. The Resistance playlist
2. Breaking playlist
3. Blame Me! Blame Me! playlist
4. Retrace playlist
5. Feel Good Drag playlist
6. Disappear playlist
7. Breathe playlist
8. Burn Out Brighter (Northern Lights) playlist
9. Younglife playlist
10. Haight St. playlist
11. Soft Skeletons playlist
12. Miserable Visu (Exo Malo Bonum) playlist

Album Lyrics: Vital [2012]

"Vital [2012]"

1. Self-Starter playlist
2. Little Tyrants playlist
3. Other Side playlist
4. Someone Anyone playlist
5. Intentions playlist
6. Innocent playlist
7. Desires playlist
8. Type Three playlist
9. Orpheum playlist
10. Modern Age playlist
11. God, Sex, & Drugs playlist