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Biffy Clyro
Album Lyrics: Blackened Sky [2002]

Biffy Clyro
"Blackened Sky [2002]"

1. Joy.Discovery.Invention playlist
2. 27 playlist
3. Justboy playlist
4. Kill The Old, Torture Their Young playlist
5. The Go-Slow playlist
6. Christopher's River playlist
7. Convex, Concave playlist
8. 57 playlist
9. Hero Management playlist
10. Solution Devices playlist
11. Stress On The Sky playlist
12. Scary Mary playlist

Album Lyrics: Infinity Land [2004]

Biffy Clyro
"Infinity Land [2004]"

1. Glitter And Trauma playlist
2. Strung To Your Ribcage playlist
3. My Recovery Injection playlist
4. Got Wrong playlist
5. The Atrocity playlist
6. Some Kind Of Wizard playlist
7. Wave Upon Wave Upon Wave Upon Wave playlist
8. Only One Word Comes To Mind playlist
9. There's No Such Man As Crasp playlist
10. There's No Such Thing As A Jaggy Snake playlist
11. The Kids From Kibble And The Fist Of Light playlist
12. The Weapons Are Concealed playlist
13. Pause It And Turn It Up playlist
14. Tradition Feed playlist

Album Lyrics: Only Revolutions [2009]

Biffy Clyro
"Only Revolutions [2009]"

1. The Captain playlist
2. That Golden Rule playlist
3. Bubbles playlist
4. God & Satan playlist
5. Born on a Horse playlist
6. Mountains playlist
7. Shock Shock playlist
8. Many of Horror playlist
9. Booooom, Blast & Ruin playlist
10. Cloud of Stink playlist
11. Know Your Quarry playlist
12. Whorses playlist

Album Lyrics: Opposites [2013]

Biffy Clyro
"Opposites [2013]"

1. Different People playlist
2. Black Chandelier playlist
3. Sounds Like Balloons playlist
4. Opposite playlist
6. Biblical playlist
7. A Girl And His Cat playlist
8. The Fog playlist
9. Little Hospitals playlist
10. The Thaw playlist
11. Stingin' Belle playlist
12. Modern Magic Formula playlist
14. Victory Over The Sun playlist

Album Lyrics: Puzzle [2007]

Biffy Clyro
"Puzzle [2007]"

1. Living Is A Problem Because Everything Dies playlist
2. Saturday Superhouse playlist
3. Who's Got A Match? playlist
4. As Dust Dances playlist
5. A Whole Child Ago playlist
6. The Conversation Is... playlist
7. Now I'm Everyone playlist
8. Semi-Mental playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Biffy Clyro

Biffy Clyro
"Other Songs - Biffy Clyro"

Album Lyrics: The Vertigo of Bliss [2003]

Biffy Clyro
"The Vertigo of Bliss [2003]"

1. Bodies In Flight playlist
2. The Ideal Height playlist
3. With Aplomb playlist
4. A Day Of... playlist
5. Liberate The Illiterate / A Mong Among Mingers playlist
6. Diary Of Always playlist
7. Questions And Answers playlist
8. Eradicate The Doubt playlist
9. When The Faction's Fractioned playlist
10. Toys, Toys, Toys, Choke, Toys, Toys, Toys playlist
11. All The Way Down: Prologue/Chapter 1 playlist
12. A Man Of His Appalling Posture playlist
13. Now The Action Is On Fire! playlist