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Boys Like Girls
Album Lyrics: Boys Like Girls [2006]

Boys Like Girls
"Boys Like Girls [2006]"

1. The Great Escape playlist
2. Five Minutes To Midnight playlist
3. Hero/Heroine playlist
4. On Top of the World playlist
5. Me, You, and My Medication playlist
6. Up Against The Wall playlist
7. Dance Hall Drug playlist
8. Learning To Fall playlist
9. Heels Over Head playlist
10. Broken Man playlist
11. Holiday playlist

Album Lyrics: 90210 Music Season 01 [2008]

Boys Like Girls
"90210 Music Season 01 [2008]"

1. Thunder playlist

Album Lyrics: Crazy World [2012]

Boys Like Girls
"Crazy World [2012]"

1. The First Time playlist
2. Life Of The Party playlist
3. Crazy World playlist
4. Be Your Everything playlist
5. Stuck In The Middle playlist
6. Cheated playlist
7. Shoot playlist
8. Leaving California playlist
9. Take Me Home playlist
10. Red Cup, Hands Up, Long Brown Hair playlist
11. Hey You playlist

Album Lyrics: Love Drunk [2009]

Boys Like Girls
"Love Drunk [2009]"

1. Heart Heart Heartbreak playlist
2. Love Drunk playlist
3. She's Got A Boyfriend Now playlist
4. Two Is Better Than One playlist
5. Contagious playlist
6. Real Thing playlist
7. Someone Like You playlist
8. The Shot Heard 'Round The World playlist
9. The First One playlist
10. Chemicals Collide playlist
11. Go playlist
12. Two Is Better Than One (feat. Taylor Swift) playlist