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Bloc Party
Album Lyrics: A Weekend in the City [2007]

Bloc Party
"A Weekend in the City [2007]"

1. Song For Clay (Disappear Here) playlist
2. Hunting For Witches playlist
3. Waiting For The 7:18 playlist
4. The Prayer playlist
5. Uniform playlist
6. On playlist
7. Where Is Home? playlist
8. Kreuzberg playlist
9. Flux playlist
10. Sunday playlist
11. SRXT playlist

Album Lyrics: Prom Night (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [2008]

Bloc Party
"Prom Night (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [2008]"

1. I Still Remember playlist

Album Lyrics: De Battre Mon Cœur S'Est Arrêté (Bande Originale Du Film) [2005]

Bloc Party
"De Battre Mon Cœur S'Est Arrêté (Bande Originale Du Film) [2005]"

1. Banquet playlist

Album Lyrics: Bloc Party [2004]

Bloc Party
"Bloc Party [2004]"

1. Staying Fat playlist

Album Lyrics: Silent Alarm [2005]

Bloc Party
"Silent Alarm [2005]"

1. She's Hearing Voices playlist
2. Like Eating Glass playlist
3. Positive Tension playlist
4. Blue Light playlist
5. Pioneers playlist
6. Price Of Gas playlist
7. So Here We Are playlist
8. Luno playlist
9. Plans playlist
10. Compliments playlist
11. Little Thoughts playlist
12. Two More Years playlist

Album Lyrics: Four [2012]

Bloc Party
"Four [2012]"

1. So He Begins To Lie playlist
2. 3x3 playlist
3. Octopus playlist
4. Real Talk playlist
5. Kettling playlist
6. Day 4 playlist
7. Coliseum playlist
8. V.A.L.I.S. playlist
9. Team A playlist
10. Truth playlist
11. The Healing playlist
12. We Are Not Good People playlist

Album Lyrics: Intimacy [2008]

Bloc Party
"Intimacy [2008]"

1. Ares playlist
2. Mercury playlist
3. Halo playlist
4. Biko playlist
5. Trojan Horse playlist
6. Signs playlist
7. One Month Off playlist
8. Zephyrus playlist
9. Talons playlist
10. Better Than Heaven playlist
11. Ion Square playlist
12. Letter To My Son playlist
13. Your Visits Are Getting Shorter playlist
14. One More Chance playlist

Album Lyrics: Guitar Hero III - Legends Of Rock [2007]

Bloc Party
"Guitar Hero III - Legends Of Rock [2007]"

1. Helicopter playlist

Album Lyrics: Wedding Crashers (Soundtrack) [2005]

Bloc Party
"Wedding Crashers (Soundtrack) [2005]"

1. This Modern Love playlist