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Brandi Carlile
Album Lyrics: Bear Creek [2012]

Brandi Carlile
"Bear Creek [2012]"

1. Hard Way Home playlist
2. Raise Hell playlist
3. Save Part Of Yourself playlist
4. That Wasn't Me playlist
5. Keep Your Heart Young playlist
6. 100 playlist
7. A Promise To Keep playlist
8. I'll Still Be There playlist
9. What Did I Ever Come Here For playlist
10. Heart's Content playlist
11. Rise Again playlist
12. In The Morrow playlist
13. Just Kids playlist

Album Lyrics: Brandi Carlile [2005]

Brandi Carlile
"Brandi Carlile [2005]"

1. Follow playlist
2. What Can I Say playlist
3. Closer To You playlist
4. Throw It All Away playlist
5. Happy playlist
6. Someday Never Comes playlist
7. Fall Apart Again playlist
8. In My Own Eyes playlist
9. Gone playlist
10. Tragedy playlist

Album Lyrics: Give Up the Ghost [2009]

Brandi Carlile
"Give Up the Ghost [2009]"

1. Looking Out playlist
2. Dying Day playlist
3. Pride And Joy playlist
4. Dreams playlist
5. That Year playlist
6. Caroline playlist
7. Before It Breaks playlist
8. I Will playlist
9. If There Was No You playlist
10. Touching The Ground playlist
11. Oh Dear playlist

Album Lyrics: Live At Benaroya Hall With The Seattle Symphony [2007]

Brandi Carlile
"Live At Benaroya Hall With The Seattle Symphony [2007]"

1. Sixty Years On playlist
2. Hallelujah playlist

Album Lyrics: The Story [2007]

Brandi Carlile
"The Story [2007]"

1. Shadow On The Wall playlist
2. Turpentine playlist
3. The Story playlist
4. Late Morning Lullaby playlist
5. My Song playlist
6. Wasted playlist
7. Have You Ever playlist
8. Josephine playlist
9. Losing Heart playlist
10. Cannonball playlist
11. Until I Die playlist
12. Downpour playlist
13. Again Today playlist

Album Lyrics: 1x22 - For Whom the Bell Tolls [2011]

Brandi Carlile
"1x22 - For Whom the Bell Tolls [2011]"

1. Hiding My Heart playlist

Album Lyrics: XOBC - EP [2010]

Brandi Carlile
"XOBC - EP [2010]"

1. All You Need Is Love playlist
2. Love Songs playlist
3. Way To You playlist
4. Us Again playlist