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Cody Simpson
Album Lyrics: Coast To Coast EP [2011]

Cody Simpson
"Coast To Coast EP [2011]"

1. Good As It Gets playlist
2. Crazy But True playlist
3. On My Mind playlist
4. Not Just You playlist
5. All Day playlist
6. Angel playlist

Album Lyrics: Iyiyi (single) [2010]

Cody Simpson
"Iyiyi (single) [2010]"

1. Summertime playlist
2. Iyiyi playlist

Album Lyrics: Paradise [2012]

Cody Simpson
"Paradise [2012]"

1. Paradise playlist
2. Got Me Good playlist
3. Be The One playlist
6. Wish U Were Here playlist
8. Back To You playlist
9. Summer Shade playlist
10. Gentleman playlist
11. Hello playlist
12. I Love Girls playlist
13. Tears On Your Pillow playlist

Album Lyrics: Preview To Paradise [2012]

Cody Simpson
"Preview To Paradise [2012]"

1. So Listen playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Cody Simpson

Cody Simpson
"Other Songs - Cody Simpson"

1. 2nd Chance Remix playlist
2. Awake All Night playlist
3. Ay Na Na playlist
4. Before You Had A Boyfriend playlist
5. Cry Me A River playlist
6. Don't Cry Your Heart Out playlist
7. Ends With You playlist
8. Evenings In London playlist
9. Gentlemen playlist
10. I Feel So Close To You playlist
11. I Want Candy playlist
12. Im Yours playlist
13. La Da Dee playlist
14. Man Who Cant Be Moved playlist
15. One playlist
16. Perfect playlist
17. Pretty Brown Eyes playlist
18. Replay playlist
19. Round Of Applause playlist
20. SeƱorita playlist
21. Wanted Dead Or Alive playlist