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City and Colour
Album Lyrics: Bring Me Your Love [2008]

City and Colour
"Bring Me Your Love [2008]"

1. Forgive Me playlist
2. Confessions playlist
3. The Death Of Me playlist
4. Body In A Box playlist
5. The Sleeping Sickness playlist
6. What Makes A Man? playlist
7. Waiting... playlist
8. Constant Knot playlist
9. Against The Grain playlist
10. The Girl playlist
11. Sensible Heart playlist
12. As Much As I Ever Could playlist
13. What Makes A Man playlist

Album Lyrics: Live [2007]

City and Colour
"Live [2007]"

1. Comin' Home playlist
2. Like Knives playlist
3. Sam Malone playlist
4. Day Old Hate playlist
5. Save Your Scissors playlist
6. Casey's Song playlist
7. Sometimes (I Wish) playlist

Album Lyrics: City and Colour Live (CD/DVD) [2007]

City and Colour
"City and Colour Live (CD/DVD) [2007]"

1. Happiness By The Kilowatt (Alexisonfire Cover) playlist

Album Lyrics: Sometimes [2005]

City and Colour
"Sometimes [2005]"

1. Hello I'm in Delaware playlist
2. Off By Heart playlist
3. In The Water, I Am Beautiful playlist

Album Lyrics: Little Hell [2011]

City and Colour
"Little Hell [2011]"

1. We Found Each Other In The Dark playlist
2. Natural Disaster playlist
3. Grand Optimist playlist
4. Little Hell playlist
5. Fragile Bird playlist
6. Northern Wind playlist
7. O' Sister playlist
8. Weightless playlist
9. Sorrowing Man playlist
10. Silver And Gold playlist
11. Hope For Now playlist

Album Lyrics: Missing EP [2005]

City and Colour
"Missing EP [2005]"

1. Missing playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - City and Colour

City and Colour
"Other Songs - City and Colour"

1. At The Bird's Foot playlist
2. Boiled Frogs playlist
3. Faithless playlist
4. How Come Your Arms Are Not Around Me playlist
5. I Don't Need To Know playlist
6. I'm In The Water playlist
7. If All I Thought Were True playlist
8. Live Forever playlist
9. Love Don't Live Here Anymore playlist
10. Make Believe playlist
11. Serravalle playlist
12. So Low playlist
13. The Grace playlist
14. The Urgency playlist
15. This Sudden Injury playlist
16. Tribute To Ralph playlist
17. Weightless playlist
18. When She playlist
19. Where No One Knows playlist

Album Lyrics: The Hurry And The Harm [2013]

City and Colour
"The Hurry And The Harm [2013]"

1. Death's Song playlist