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Childish Gambino
Album Lyrics: CAMP [2011]

Childish Gambino
"CAMP [2011]"

1. Outside playlist
2. Fire Fly playlist
3. Bonfire playlist
4. All the Shine playlist
5. Letter Home playlist
6. Heartbeat playlist
7. Backpackers playlist
8. L.E.S. playlist
9. Hold You Down playlist
10. Kids (Keep Up) playlist
11. You See Me playlist
12. Sunrise playlist
13. That Power playlist

Album Lyrics: Culdesac

Childish Gambino

1. Difference playlist
2. Hero playlist
3. I Be On That playlist
4. Got This Money playlist
5. Do Ya Like playlist

Album Lyrics: EP

Childish Gambino

1. Be Alone playlist
2. Freaks And Geeks playlist
3. My Shine playlist
4. Lights Turned On playlist

Album Lyrics: I Am Just A Rapper

Childish Gambino
"I Am Just A Rapper"

1. The Truth (Goth Star) playlist
2. I Love Clothes (Deadbeat Summer) playlist

Album Lyrics: Poindexter

Childish Gambino

1. Grind playlist

Album Lyrics: ROYALTY [2012]

Childish Gambino
"ROYALTY [2012]"

1. Royality playlist
2. We Ain't Them playlist
3. One Up playlist
4. Black Faces playlist
5. Unnecessary playlist
6. Shoulda Known playlist
7. R.I.P. playlist
8. American Royalty playlist
9. It May Be Glamour Life playlist
10. Toxic playlist
11. Silk Pillow playlist
12. They Don't Like Me playlist
13. Arrangement playlist
14. Won't Stop playlist
15. Bronchitis playlist
16. Wonderful playlist
17. Make It Go Right playlist
18. Real Estate playlist

Album Lyrics: Sick Boi

Childish Gambino
"Sick Boi"

1. Easy (Intro) playlist
2. Love Is Crazy playlist