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Citizen Cope
Album Lyrics: The Rainwater LP [2010]

Citizen Cope
"The Rainwater LP [2010]"

1. Keep Askin' playlist
2. Healing Hands playlist
3. I Couldn't Explain Why playlist
4. Lifeline playlist
5. Off The Ground playlist
6. Jericho playlist
7. The Newspaper playlist
8. A Father's Son playlist

Album Lyrics: Alpha Dog (Music From The Motion Picture) [2007]

Citizen Cope
"Alpha Dog (Music From The Motion Picture) [2007]"

1. Bullet And A Target playlist

Album Lyrics: Friends With Benefit [2006]

Citizen Cope
"Friends With Benefit [2006]"

1. Son's Gonna Rise playlist

Album Lyrics: The Clarence Greenwood Recordings [2004]

Citizen Cope
"The Clarence Greenwood Recordings [2004]"

1. Nite Becomes Day playlist
2. Pablo Picasso playlist
3. My Way Home playlist
4. Sideways playlist
5. Penitentiary playlist
6. Hurricane Waters playlist
7. D'Artagnan's Theme playlist
8. Fame playlist
9. Deep playlist

Album Lyrics: One Lovely Day [2012]

Citizen Cope
"One Lovely Day [2012]"

1. One Lovely Day playlist

Album Lyrics: Every Waking Moment [2006]

Citizen Cope
"Every Waking Moment [2006]"

1. Back Together playlist
2. Every Waking Moment playlist
3. Friendly Fire playlist
4. More Than It Seems playlist
5. Brother Lee playlist
6. 107 Degrees playlist
7. Somehow playlist
8. John Lennon playlist
9. All Dressed Up playlist
10. Awe playlist
11. Left For Dead playlist

Album Lyrics: Accepted (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [2006]

Citizen Cope
"Accepted (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [2006]"

1. Let The Drummer Kick playlist

Album Lyrics: Citizen Cope [2002]

Citizen Cope
"Citizen Cope [2002]"

1. Intro playlist
2. Contact playlist
3. If There's Love playlist
4. Mistaken I.D playlist
5. 200,000 (In Counterfeit 50 Dollar Bills) playlist
6. Salvation playlist
7. Hands Of The Saints playlist
8. Comin' Back playlist
9. Appetite (For Lightin' Dynamite) playlist
10. Teresa playlist
11. Holdin' On playlist
12. Mandy playlist