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Album Lyrics: Playing in the Shadows [2011]

"Playing in the Shadows [2011]"

1. Skies Don't Lie playlist
2. Stay Awake playlist
3. The Way playlist
4. Natural Disaster playlist
5. Never Had a Day playlist
6. Microphone playlist
7. Playing in the Shadows playlist
8. Midnight Run playlist
9. Under the Influence playlist
10. Wrong in the Head playlist
11. Anything playlist

Album Lyrics: NRJ Hit List 2011 Vol. 2 [2011]

"NRJ Hit List 2011 Vol. 2 [2011]"

1. Changed the Way You Kiss Me playlist

Album Lyrics: The Evolution Of Man [2012]

"The Evolution Of Man [2012]"

1. Come Taste The Rainbow playlist
2. Close Enemies playlist
3. Perfect Replacement playlist
4. Crying Out For Help playlist
5. Queen Of Your Dreams playlist
6. Say Nothing playlist
7. All My Lows playlist
8. The Evolution Of Man playlist
9. One Way Mirror playlist
10. Snakeskin playlist
11. Blood From A Stone playlist
12. Are You Sitting Comfortably? playlist
13. Are You Sitting Comfortably playlist

Album Lyrics: What We Made [2007]

"What We Made [2007]"

1. So Many Roads playlist
2. You Can't Rap playlist
3. Milk Your Goat playlist
4. Birthday Card playlist
5. I Don't Want To playlist
6. Popcorn & Fisticuffs playlist
7. Posh Birds playlist
8. No Sleep for the Wicked playlist
9. Me + Mandy playlist
10. Really Sorry playlist
11. Today I Met Myself playlist
12. Care 4 U playlist
13. What We Made playlist
14. Already Told You playlist

Album Lyrics: Won't Go Quietly [2010]

"Won't Go Quietly [2010]"

1. From Space playlist
2. Watch the Sun Come Up playlist
3. Time Machine playlist
4. Something in the Water playlist
5. Last Ones Standing playlist
6. Millionaires playlist
7. Two Lives playlist
8. Kickstarts playlist
9. Sick Note playlist
10. Dirty Face playlist
11. Hooligans playlist
12. See the Sea playlist
13. Won't Believe the Fools playlist

Album Lyrics: Dancefloor FG Summer 2010 [2010]

"Dancefloor FG Summer 2010 [2010]"

1. Won't Go Quietly playlist

Album Lyrics: Live Life Living [2014]

"Live Life Living [2014]"

1. All The Wrong Places playlist
2. Kids Again playlist

Album Lyrics: NRJ Hit List 2011 Volume 2 [2011]

"NRJ Hit List 2011 Volume 2 [2011]"

1. Changed the Way You Kiss Me playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Example

"Other Songs - Example"

1. Cheap Bootleg playlist
2. Girl Can't Dance playlist
3. Lying To Yourself playlist
4. Shot Yourself in the Foot Again playlist
5. We Came, We Saw, We Killed the Crowd playlist
6. Who Needs Sunshine playlist

Album Lyrics: Now That's What I Call Music, Vol. 34 [2010]

"Now That's What I Call Music, Vol. 34 [2010]"

1. Kickstarts playlist