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Earth Wind And Fire
Album Lyrics: Earth, Wind & Fire [1971]

Earth Wind And Fire
"Earth, Wind & Fire [1971]"

1. Help Somebody playlist
2. Moment Of Truth playlist
3. Love Is Life playlist
4. Fan The Fire playlist
5. This World Today playlist

Album Lyrics: Greatest Hits [1998]

Earth Wind And Fire
"Greatest Hits [1998]"

1. Shining Star playlist
2. That's The Way Of The World playlist
3. Can't Hide Love playlist
5. Gratitude playlist
6. Serpentine Fire playlist
7. Kalimba Story playlist
8. Mighty Mighty playlist
9. Saturday Nite playlist
10. After The Love Has Gone playlist
11. Getaway playlist

Album Lyrics: La Bande Originale Du Film Intouchables [2011]

Earth Wind And Fire
"La Bande Originale Du Film Intouchables [2011]"

1. September playlist
2. Boogie Wonderland playlist

Album Lyrics: Georges Lang Volume 2 [2012]

Earth Wind And Fire
"Georges Lang Volume 2 [2012]"

1. Got To Get You Into My Life playlist

Album Lyrics: Be Cool (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [2005]

Earth Wind And Fire
"Be Cool (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [2005]"

1. Fantasy playlist

Album Lyrics: Hitch [2005]

Earth Wind And Fire
"Hitch [2005]"

1. Reasons playlist

Album Lyrics: Champs-Élysées - La Bande-Son De L'Émission Culte [2010]

Earth Wind And Fire
"Champs-Élysées - La Bande-Son De L'Émission Culte [2010]"

1. Let's Groove playlist

Album Lyrics: Head to the Sky [1973]

Earth Wind And Fire
"Head to the Sky [1973]"

1. Evil playlist
2. Build Your Nest playlist
3. The World's A Masquerade playlist
4. Clover playlist

Album Lyrics: I Am [1979]

Earth Wind And Fire
"I Am [1979]"

1. In the Stone playlist
2. Can't Let Go playlist
3. Let Your Feelings Show playlist
4. Star playlist
5. Wait playlist
6. You And I playlist

Album Lyrics: Last Days and Time [1972]

Earth Wind And Fire
"Last Days and Time [1972]"

1. Time Is On Your Side playlist
2. They Don't See playlist
3. Make It With You playlist
4. Remember The Children playlist
5. Where Have All The Flowers Gone playlist
6. I'd Rather Have You playlist
7. Mom playlist

Album Lyrics: Open Our Eyes [1974]

Earth Wind And Fire
"Open Our Eyes [1974]"

1. Devotion playlist
2. Fair But So Uncool playlist
3. Feelin' Blue playlist
4. Open Our Eyes playlist

Album Lyrics: Spirit [1976]

Earth Wind And Fire
"Spirit [1976]"

1. On Your Face playlist
2. Imagination playlist
3. Spirit playlist
4. Burnin' Bush playlist

Album Lyrics: That's the Way of the World [1975]

Earth Wind And Fire
"That's the Way of the World [1975]"

1. Happy Feelin' playlist
2. All About Love playlist
3. AFRICANO playlist
4. See The Light playlist

Album Lyrics: The Need of Love [1971]

Earth Wind And Fire
"The Need of Love [1971]"

1. Energy playlist
2. Beauty playlist
3. I Can Feel It In My Bones playlist
4. I Think About Lovin' You playlist
5. Everything Is Everything playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Earth Wind And Fire

Earth Wind And Fire
"Other Songs - Earth Wind And Fire"

1. All In The Way playlist
2. And Love Goes On playlist
3. Anything You Want playlist
4. Back On The Road playlist
5. Be Ever Wonderful playlist
6. Betcha playlist
7. Blood Brothers playlist
10. C'om Children playlist
11. Celebrate playlist
12. Change Your Mind playlist
13. Chicago (Chi-Town) Blues playlist
14. Could It Be Right playlist
15. Cruising playlist
16. Dancing In September playlist
17. Daydreamin' playlist
18. Dirty playlist
19. Divine playlist
20. Earth Wind & Fire playlist
21. Electric Celebration playlist
22. Electric Nation playlist
23. Even If You Wonder playlist
24. Every Now And Then playlist
25. Evil Roy playlist
26. Evolution Orange playlist
27. FACES playlist
28. Fall In Love With Me playlist
29. Feel U Up playlist
30. Fill You Up playlist
31. For The Love Of You playlist
32. Freedom Of Choice playlist
33. Frontline Of Seduction playlist
34. Good Time playlist
35. Hearts To Heart playlist
36. Here Today And Gone Tomorrow playlist
37. Heritage playlist
38. Hold Me playlist
39. Honor The Magic playlist
40. I'll Write A Song For You playlist
41. I'm In Love playlist
42. I've Had Enough playlist
43. In The Name Of Love playlist
44. In Time playlist
45. Jupiter playlist
46. Just Another Lonely Night playlist
47. Keep It Real playlist
48. Keep My Head To The Sky playlist
49. King Of Groove playlist
50. Kiss And Say Good Bye playlist
51. Lady Sun playlist
52. Let Me Love You playlist
53. Let Me Talk playlist
54. Love Across The Wire playlist
55. Love Is Life '96 playlist
56. Love Is The Greatest Story playlist
57. Love Music playlist
58. Love's Holiday playlist
59. Magic Mind playlist
60. Magnetic playlist
61. Miracles playlist
62. Money Tight playlist
63. Moonwalk playlist
64. Motor playlist
65. My Love playlist
66. Never playlist
67. Pride playlist
68. Pure Gold playlist
69. Revolution playlist
70. Rock It playlist
71. Round And Round playlist
72. Sailaway playlist
73. September 99 playlist
75. Share Your Love playlist
76. She Waits playlist
77. Side By Side playlist
78. Singasong playlist
79. Something Special playlist
80. Song In My Heart playlist
81. Sparkle playlist
82. Spend The Night playlist
83. Spirit Of A New World playlist
84. Spread Your Love playlist
85. Straight From The Heart playlist
86. Sun Goddess playlist
87. Sunday Morning playlist
88. Sunshine playlist
89. Super Hero playlist
90. Suppose You Like Me playlist
91. Sweet Sassy Lady playlist
92. System Of Survival playlist
93. Take It To The Sky playlist
94. Take You To Heaven playlist
95. Takin' Chances playlist
96. Tee Nine Chee Bit playlist
97. The L Word playlist
98. The Changing Times playlist
99. The Right Time playlist
100. The Speed Of Love playlist
101. Thinking Of You playlist
102. To You playlist
103. Touch playlist
104. Turn It Into Something Good playlist
105. Turn On (The Beat Box) playlist
106. Two Hearts playlist
107. Victim Of The Modern Heart playlist
108. Wanna Be The Man playlist
109. Wanna Be With You playlist
110. We're Living In Our Own Time playlist
111. Welcome playlist
112. Whatever Happened playlist
113. Whatever Happened To The Brotherhood playlist
114. When Love Goes Wrong playlist
115. Where Do We Go From Here? playlist
116. Why? playlist
117. Win Or Lose playlist
118. Wouldn't Change A Thing About You playlist
119. Yearnin', Learnin' playlist
120. You playlist
121. You Are A Winner playlist
122. You Went Away playlist
123. Free playlist
124. Where Do We Go From Here playlist
125. Why playlist

Album Lyrics: Stars 80 - La Compilation Officielle [2012]

Earth Wind And Fire
"Stars 80 - La Compilation Officielle [2012]"

1. Let's Groove playlist

Album Lyrics: More Music From The Breeze [2013]

Earth Wind And Fire
"More Music From The Breeze [2013]"

1. After The Love Has Gone playlist

Album Lyrics: Take It Easy [2013]

Earth Wind And Fire
"Take It Easy [2013]"

1. Let's Groove playlist

Album Lyrics: Summer Breeze [2012]

Earth Wind And Fire
"Summer Breeze [2012]"

1. September playlist