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Every Avenue
Album Lyrics: Ah! - EP [2007]

Every Avenue
"Ah! - EP [2007]"

1. One More Song playlist
2. Nothing playlist
3. Picking up the Pieces playlist
4. Think Of You Later playlist
5. Getting Out playlist

Album Lyrics: Shh Just Go With It [2008]

Every Avenue
"Shh Just Go With It [2008]"

1. Where Were You? playlist
2. Days of The Old playlist
3. This One's A Cheap Shot playlist
4. Think Of You Later (Empty Room) playlist
5. A Story to Tell Your Friends playlist
6. Boys Will Be Boys playlist
7. Take a Step Back playlist
8. Trading Heartbeats playlist
9. Freak Out! playlist
10. Between You and I playlist
11. Chasing The Night playlist

Album Lyrics: Bad Habits [2011]

Every Avenue
"Bad Habits [2011]"

1. Tie Me Down playlist
2. Whatever Happened to You playlist
3. There Tonight playlist
4. Fall Apart playlist
5. No One But You playlist
6. Only Place I Call Home playlist
7. Someday, Somehow playlist
8. Hit Me Where It Hurts the Most playlist
9. I Can't Not Love You playlist
10. Watch the World playlist

Album Lyrics: Picture Perfect [2009]

Every Avenue
"Picture Perfect [2009]"

1. For Always, Forever playlist
2. Mindset playlist
3. Tell Me I'm A Wreck playlist
4. Picture Perfect playlist
5. Happy The Hard Way playlist
6. Girl Like That playlist
7. Saying Goodbye playlist
8. Finish What You Started playlist
9. I Forgive You playlist
10. The Story Left Untold playlist
11. Clumsy Little Heart playlist

Album Lyrics: This Is Why We Don't Have Nice Things [2006]

Every Avenue
"This Is Why We Don't Have Nice Things [2006]"

1. Half As Much As You playlist
2. You'll Never Know playlist
3. All The Way Down playlist