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Evans Blue
Album Lyrics: Evans Blue [2009]

Evans Blue
"Evans Blue [2009]"

1. Buried Alive playlist
2. Sick Of It playlist
3. The Future In The End playlist
4. A Step Back playlist
5. Say It playlist
6. Who We Are playlist
7. Bulletproof playlist
8. I Blame You playlist
9. Through Your Eyes playlist
10. Show Me playlist
11. Can't Go On playlist

Album Lyrics: The Melody And The Energetic Nature Of Volume [2006]

Evans Blue
"The Melody And The Energetic Nature Of Volume [2006]"

1. A Cross And A Girl Named Blessed playlist
2. Stop And Say You Love Me playlist
3. Cold (But I'm Still Here) playlist
4. Eclipsed playlist
5. Beg playlist
6. Over playlist
7. Possession playlist
8. Dark That Follows playlist
9. The Promise And The Threat playlist
10. Quote playlist
11. The Tease playlist

Album Lyrics: The Pursuit Begin When This Portrayal Of Life Ends [2007]

Evans Blue
"The Pursuit Begin When This Portrayal Of Life Ends [2007]"

1. In A Red Dress And Alone playlist
2. Shine Your Cadillac playlist
3. Q playlist
4. Kiss The Flag playlist
5. My Damsel: A Confession To An Adversary playlist
6. Pin-Up playlist
7. Caught A Light Sneeze playlist
8. Fear playlist
9. Dear Lucid, Our Time Is Right Now playlist
10. Painted playlist
11. The Pursuit playlist