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Album Lyrics: Eat At Whitey's [2000]

"Eat At Whitey's [2000]"

1. Whitey playlist
2. Black Jesus playlist
3. I Can't Move playlist
4. Black Coffee playlist
5. Babylon Feeling playlist
6. Deadly Assassins playlist
7. Children's Story playlist
8. Love For Real playlist
9. One And The Same playlist
10. We're All Gonna Die playlist
11. Mercy On My Soul playlist
12. One, Two playlist
13. Graves To Dig playlist

Album Lyrics: Forever Everlasting [1990]

"Forever Everlasting [1990]"

1. Syndicate Soldier playlist
2. Speak No Evil playlist
3. Syndication playlist
4. What Is This? playlist
5. The Rhythm playlist
6. I Got The Knack playlist
7. On The Edge playlist
8. Fuck Everyone playlist
9. Goodbye playlist
10. Pass It On playlist
11. Never Missin' A Beat playlist

Album Lyrics: Love, War And The Ghost Of Whitey Ford [2008]

"Love, War And The Ghost Of Whitey Ford [2008]"

1. Kill The Emperor playlist
2. Folsom Prison Blues playlist
3. Stone In My Hand playlist
4. Anyone playlist
5. Die In Yer Arms playlist
6. Friend playlist
7. Everyone playlist
8. Naked playlist
9. Stay playlist
10. Letters Home From The Garden Of Stone playlist
11. Tuesday Morning playlist
12. Weakness playlist
13. Dirty playlist
14. The Ocean playlist
15. Let It Go playlist
16. Saving Grace playlist

Album Lyrics: Songs Of The Ungrateful Living [2011]

"Songs Of The Ungrateful Living [2011]"

1. Long At All playlist
2. Gone For Good playlist
3. I Get By playlist
4. Little Miss America playlist
5. My House playlist
6. Long Time playlist
7. Friday The 13th playlist
8. The Crown playlist
9. Sixty-Five Roses playlist
10. Moneymaker playlist
11. The Rain playlist
12. Some Of Us Pray playlist
13. I'll Be There For You playlist
14. Even God Don't Know playlist
15. A Change Is Gonna Come playlist

Album Lyrics: Today [1999]

"Today [1999]"

1. Today (Watch Me Shine) (Remix) playlist
2. Put Your Lights On playlist
3. What It's Like (Live) playlist
4. Jump Around (Live) playlist
5. Blues For X'Mas playlist

Album Lyrics: White Trash Beautiful [2004]

"White Trash Beautiful [2004]"

1. Blinded By The Sun playlist
2. Broken playlist
3. White Trash Beautiful playlist
4. Sleeping Alone playlist
5. The Warning playlist
6. Angel playlist
7. This Kind Of Lonely playlist
8. Soul Music playlist
9. God Wanna playlist
10. Lonely Road playlist
11. Sad Girl playlist
12. Ticking Away playlist
13. Pain playlist
14. 2 Pieces Of Drama playlist
15. Maybe playlist

Album Lyrics: Whitey Ford Sings The Blues [1998]

"Whitey Ford Sings The Blues [1998]"

1. The White Boy Is Back playlist
2. Money (Dollar Bill) playlist
3. Ends playlist
4. What It's Like playlist
5. Get Down playlist
6. Sen Dog playlist
7. Tired playlist
8. Hot To Death playlist
9. Painkillers playlist
10. Prince Paul playlist
11. Praise The Lord playlist
12. Today (Watch Me Shine) playlist
13. Guru playlist
14. Death Comes Callin' playlist
15. Funky Beat playlist
16. The Letter playlist
17. 7 Years playlist
18. Next Man (bonus track, CD only) playlist