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Artist/Band: Various Artists
Lyrics for Song: Electricity, Electricity
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Various Artists

Lyrics & Music by: Bob Dorough

Performed by: Zachary Sanders

When you're in the dark and you want to see,

You need uh ... Electricity, Electricity

Flip that switch and what do you get?

You get uh ... Electricity, Electricity

Every room can now be lit

With just uh ... Electricity, Electricity

Where do you think it all comes from

This powerful ... Electricity, Electricity

Through high wires to here it comes,

They're bringing uh ... Electricity, Electricity

Every building must be wired to use it,

Uh ... Electricity, Electricity

Power plants most all use fire to make it,

Uh ... Electricity, Electricity

Burnin'fuel and usin' steam,

They generate ... Electricity, Electricity

Turn that generator by any means,

You're making uh ... Electricity, Electricity

A generator is a machine that contains a powerful


that creates a magnetic field. When wires are

rotated rapidly

through this field then a current of electricity is


Now, if we only had a superhero who could stand

here and turn

the generator real fast, then we wouldn't need to

burn so much fuel to make ... electricity.

Benjamin Franklin flying his kite

Was searching for ... Electricity, Electricity.

He knew that it had somethin'to do with lightnin',

It's all uh ... Electricity, Electricity.

Rubbin' a comb with wool or fur will give you a

charge of

Electricity (static) Electricity

Strokin' a cat to make it purr, you're buildin' up


Electricity, Electricity

Electricity at rest is called static electricity.

Like in the winter wearing a heavy coat,

You get a shock off the doorknob.

Or you scrape across a carpet

And sneak up on your very best friend,

And zap 'im on the ear with a shock of-

Electricity, Electricity

Current flowing to and fro, makes a circuit of

Electricity, Electricity.

Voltage is the pressure that makes it go.

It's pushin' uh ... Electricity, Electricity ...

Watts will tell you just how much

You'll be usin'

Uh ... Electricity, Electricity.

PowerFul stuff, so watch that plug! It's potent

Electricity, Electricity.

Electricity, Electricity.

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