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Artist/Band: Machine Gun Kelly
Lyrics for Song: Mayhem (H.A.M.)
Lyrics for Album: Est 4 Life [2012]

fuck the 5-0

muthafuck the 5-0

bitch i'm from the east but i bust at them boys like im 5-0

all black shoes like coppo

?????? on my side hoe

and i got lobsters for my partners and i got choppas for my rivals

EST to the death of me

Taliban to the left of me

All i got is my dick and theses bitches suck till they get the rest of me

aint none of yall arresting me

free my brother jay rock

and shout out to my city them boys harder than that yay rock

hold up hold up

fuck these snitches

i dont know you snitches

i was a felon at 14 cause i aint rat on all you bitches

now im free

and i got this loud thats yelling on yall bitches

ducking the red and blue and im rollin green

and hailing on you bitches

EST what the fuck!

EST what the fuck!

EST what the fuck!

EST what the fuck!

Album Lyrics: Est 4 Life [2012]

Machine Gun Kelly
"Est 4 Life [2012]"

1. Est 4 Life
2. Police
3. Rucker Park Freestyle
4. Mayhem (H.A.M.)
5. Now I Know (Interlude)
6. Her Song
7. Highline Ballroom Soundcheck (Freestyle)
8. Letter To My Fans
9. Get Laced
10. Hold On (Shut Up)