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Artist/Band: Machine Gun Kelly
Lyrics for Song: Rucker Park Freestyle
Lyrics for Album: Est 4 Life [2012]

(Aye yo I need everybody to be quite for this shit,

I wrote this shit on the way over here, ya'll ready?)

It was all a dream motherfucker,

17 motherfucker, tryna ball like I'm playing on the team motherfucker.

Like Kareem motherfucker, what it seems motherfucker,

me and mine out here winning; charlie sheen motherfucker.

On any given Sunday, Willie Bean motherfucker,

in the hood like Radio Raheem motherfucker,

blowing good but this ain't no porch scene motherfucker.

This that smoke it until you numb as morphine motherfucker,

because the life is a fucking war scene motherfucker.

So much grimy shit, I'mma need quarantine motherfucker,

aye and then maybe I can ride clean motherfucker,

hit the ghetto in a black limousine motherfucker.

And how dare you ever judge me motherfucker?

Paid my daughter's college fund with 16's motherfucker,

baby mamas out here trying to Billie Jean a motherfucker.

But I'm on my trill shit, bring a Bun B for the rocker,

nah I mean motherfucker?

(And its like that Harlem Lace The Fuck Up I thank

ya'll so much for having me!)

Album Lyrics: Est 4 Life [2012]

Machine Gun Kelly
"Est 4 Life [2012]"

1. Est 4 Life
2. Police
3. Rucker Park Freestyle
4. Mayhem (H.A.M.)
5. Now I Know (Interlude)
6. Her Song
7. Highline Ballroom Soundcheck (Freestyle)
8. Letter To My Fans
9. Get Laced
10. Hold On (Shut Up)