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Artist/Band: Uriah Heep
Lyrics for Song: Holy Roller
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Uriah Heep

I was born an only boy

Away from palm of water

Never heard of right or wrong

I was given words to use

But I knew I was different

They wanted me to play along

How much fear can I keep

Locked away inside me

Will all these words

Disguise my pain

When all your scriptures fall

And leave us in the open

I will survive and try again

Here comes the holy roller

Here comes the book of life

Don't come knockin' round here

¡®cause you ain't no friend of mine

Here comes the ghost of holy

He comes to twist your mind

Don't come knockin' round here

¡®cause you ain't no friend

Ain't no friend of mine

What is the price that you've put

On your own salvation

Count the costs for savin' souls

Where is the sense in all this

Door-to-door damantion

When you're just left out in the cold

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Uriah Heep

Uriah Heep
"Other Songs - Uriah Heep"

1. A Far Better Way
2. Backstage Girl
3. Can't Keep a Good Bad Down
4. Cheater
5. Crime of Passion
6. Crystal Ball
8. Easy Road [Film Mix Version]
10. Gimme Love
11. Happy Birthday
12. Holy Roller
13. In Love
14. Let It Ride
15. Love, Hate Fear
16. Masquerade
17. Miracle Child
18. Mister Majestic
19. My Joanna Needs Tuning
20. One More Night
21. Playing for Time
22. Proud Words
23. Running All Night
24. She Still Calls His Name
25. Shout It Out
26. Silver White Man
27. Skools Burnin'
28. Son of a Bitch
29. Stone's Throw
30. Sunshine
31. The Ideal Woman
32. Tin Soldier
33. Valley of Kings
34. What About The Music
35. What Can I Do
36. Your Love