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Artist/Band: Uriah Heep
Lyrics for Song: Happy Birthday
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Uriah Heep

In the magic garden

Some were singing

Some were dancing

While the midnight moon

Shone brightly overhead

The stars so gaily glistened

And the sphinx in silence listened to

The magician tell of

Lives that he had led

Let the bells of freedom ring

Songs of love to friday's king

Let's all go to

The magician's birthday

It's in a forest

But not so far away

Much to do

And so much to say

While we listened to

The orchid orchestra play

Happy birthay to you ...

Happy birthday to magician

Happy birthday to you ...

Then at the dead of midnight

As we watched the dancing firelight

The air grew cold

And seemed to dull the flame

The fire died

The music faded

Filled with fear of death we waited

For now we knew

Some evil was to blame

I challenge you

I challenge you all

For all you own

And all you know

And I own the powers of darkness

I will steal what is mine

Surrender now or face my spite

I grant you it may be friday night

But did you know this day

Also numbers thirteen

First I'll give you fire

I turn your fire into a sleepy stream

Yes, now I give you darkness

From your horror I'll create a dream

You cannot fight me

For I have the sword of hate

But one thing you can't see

My answer is simply

An impenetrable fortress

Of love ... love ... love ...

The fear went as quickly as it came

The air was clear

The fire burned again

The flames leapt

The organ played

The swans sang

To greet the day

And then we knew that

Love will find love will find love ..

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Uriah Heep

Uriah Heep
"Other Songs - Uriah Heep"

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