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Artist/Band: Uriah Heep
Lyrics for Song: In Love
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Uriah Heep

Whether she'll come, I could not say

We made the date just the other day

Well, here she comes

All dressed in white

She looks so nice

She'll last the night

In love

Perhaps it will last until dawn

In love

Or untill that we two are one

In love

Oh, I'm old and she is so young

In love, in love, in love

I asked her if she'd come out again

She said she likes such mature men

Yes, she did

She says that I'm so nice and strong

I'm getting through, it won't be long

In love

With her hands caressing my face

In love

I'm so glad I've got my own place

In love

She must be of very bad taste

In love, in love, in love

There must come a time

Even for me

But all this happens so suddenly

So quick

It's very hard for me to say

But can this be the only way

In love

I can't think of anyone who

In love

Could make me feel like I do

In love

We'll start our lives anew

In love, in love, in love

In love ...

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Uriah Heep

Uriah Heep
"Other Songs - Uriah Heep"

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