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Artist/Band: Wale
Lyrics for Song: Wordplay
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Wale

[Talking: Wale]

Soooo, you know, people be like,

"What can you put the fuckin' tape out Wale,

you're lazy" and this that that.

I been to 70 cities in like 5 days man so like we we

can traveled we went everywhere went to Istanbul,

fuckin, you know what I'm sayin?

So it took a long time to put the tape out.

But uh you know you know 9th was calling me and shit

like you know you know

"Wale you got a hurry up with this fuckin tape man,

the freshman class nigga,

everybodys puttin shit out, you ain't puttin shit out" I'm like dog,

ya know I'm in Turkey tryna ya know tryna preserve Hip-Hop.


Wale, Spitta, 9th Wonder, Class is in session

All them niggas pitch verbs, so they say

My weaponry is words, Doe-Ray-Me

The wars in the form of po-et-ry

So it's straight C4 from the thoughts I bring, Bang

Epiphany, them niggas is gimmicks to me

I can't eradicate a village if you hear me and be

Huh, I'm that bomb when that hand right

Play me for a stepping stone then, I land mine

Now walk to it with your land mind

I can make the clouds jealous nigga I am that fly

Listen to the words I'm a wizard with it,

wittier than any nigga, sicker then a Wino kidney liver

Ya'll riddles don't tickle a bit, ya'll similes is literal shit

No I'm the metaphor of that, my rhetoric inedible

This extriment means excellent rap, I make a lesser adapt

Wooooooooorrrrrrrrddddddddddd Play

[Talking: Spitta]

Park my plane right there, Leave the key's with that bitch, Jets.

Spitta flip syllables for residuals

Majors misbehavin I'm a have to take it digital

Livin underground like a godfather buried alive

I ride by bumpin Shine I do just that

Nigga ain't nothin sweet like a kool-aid pack

Bitches roll sweets as I lay back in the sweet

Developin cavities cause revenge is sweet

Everytime I rap I unwrap another piece

An eighth of grape ape hella joints to the head got

my eyes all varsity red

Sunroof flow so over your head, SB horror pack monsters under my bed

Wooooooooorrrrrrrrddddddddddd Play

Wooooooooorrrrrrrrddddddddddd Play

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Wale

"Other Songs - Wale"

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