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Artist/Band: Wale
Lyrics for Song: 100 Hunnit
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Wale


I promised Ricky and Milly that I'ma kill it

Running throughout them digits, and Dollars on me I'm on it

I'm running I'm so 100 with every nigga I run with

Tell them niggas we coming, we f-cking it up this summer

(Meek Mill)

And I'm stunting like it ain't nothing, most of these niggas fronting

I pull this Rolly from Travi, and I got this Beamer from nothing

If they ain't talking bout paper, just tell them end of discussion

And now that I'm getting money, my neighbors turn to my cousins


Gold bottles, lot of bitches

Didn't think I'm sorry I'm such a shallow nigga

The mind on me just shine on them, you shadow women

Went out with rats you niggas should be in glass slippers

(Meek Mill)

Ha, and I don't ever ask the price on it

Married to the money hater, throw some rice on it

I told my jeweler get my Mueller, throw some mimes on it

I treat that p-ssy like its Tina, I go Ike on it

Beat it up, I'm getting heated up

When I say I'm high, I ain't talking weed it up


Bitch I'm talking G5, Titobero ?, ? out

Beaters on my sneakers, even though I never be with Dex

B and me, train hi up

(Meek Mill)

He lying I'm on papers

But when I beat this shit off, ima go and buy some Lakers

Yea I'm talking bout that Cali kush, We can work in ?

Two bad bitches in the back, they prettier than ratty look


Bitch I'm hot as Wasabi in Abu Dhabi

In a sauna with some models, we treat them like ?

I ain't thugging, I ain't robbing, I'm puffing on my broccoli

Doing 100 in a bucket, be like 20 in a 'rari

(Meek Mill)

And I'm back on this shit again, Pressie blue like Michigan

I put on for my city I should ball with Vick and them

When I get my D12 I'ma be a Sixer then

Riding round with Looney and your sister and your sister's friend


Hold up

Got the fridgedest temperature on my wrist again

Trying to shit the niggas is like giving children ritalin

? sitting in the front, see you in a minute yo

And them haters went away as soon as I left Interscope

(Meek Mill)

Big money, I'm talking bad hoes

You niggas full of shit, f-cking assholes

I'm in this presidential suite, I'm in my bathrobe

Counting 100 grand I put it from my last show

Shitting on them, something I ain't mean to do

These hoes do anything, our wish is like a genie do

A nigga by a point, here take the nina too

I get a chick to come and serve you like Serena do


I think its genius when Lena do you in a group

Stunting, I'm in the sixth, I call that shit middle school

High as shit, I'm in a booth

Never nag them, ima choose

And I don't gotta front, I play these niggas like I wish 'em to

This is where the Wizards play, this is where them bitches play

Weed a have you falling, and now you scraping up that ? shape

The day a hater treat a nigga like he fake,

Tthat be the day his label treat him like a ?

(Meek Mill)

And I'm balling bitch, I'm balling bitch

Me Wale, so hard, this shit

Get your money budget back, fire all your artists-ess

We be burning everything, they label us as arsonists

Defy the middle of the track, in 106 and Park in here

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Wale

"Other Songs - Wale"

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2. 25 Wives
3. 4 Am
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6. Acapella
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23. Bittersweet
27. By Any Means
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78. Passive Aggres-Her
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80. Pick.Six
81. Pimp Hard
82. Please Listen
84. Pot Of Gold
85. Prolific
86. Purple Swag
88. Racks On Racks
89. Rather Be With You (Vagina Is For Lovers)
92. Ridin' In That Black Joint
93. Say It Again
94. Self Made
95. Sharp
96. Slow Sown
97. So Many Girls
98. Street Runner
102. Talk 2 Me
103. Tats On My Arm
105. The Ambitious Girl
106. The Black N Gold
108. The Break Up Song
109. The Breeze (Cool)
110. The Cloud
111. The Crazy
112. The Extra Trip
113. The Eyes Of The Tiger
114. The Friends N Strangers
115. The Get Away (Fly Away)
116. The Guilty Pleasure
117. The Light
118. The Manipulation Pt. 2
119. The Mc
120. The Motivation (Be Right)
121. The Number Won (Competition)
122. The Posse Cut (Who Don't)
123. The Power
124. The Problem
125. The Soup
126. The Trip (Downtown)
127. The War
127. The Zenith
127. Theory 11111
127. This Thing Of Ours
127. Tito Santana
127. Uptown Roamers
127. Varsity Blues
127. W.A.L.E.D.A.N.C.E
127. Waka Flocka Flame
127. Warming Up Cane
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127. Warwick Avenue
127. What It Look Like
127. What They Know About Wale
127. Wonder Why
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127. So What
127. Take U Home
127. The Blessings
127. The One Eye Kitten Song
127. Where They Do That At
127. 4am
127. Breakup Song
127. Chun Li
127. Cookup
127. Dc Gorillaz (Freestyle)
127. Everythings A Go (Remix)
127. Face Down
127. Flat Out
127. Globetrotter Ft. Tity Boi
127. Heaven's Afternoon
127. Hella
127. King & Queens
127. Let A Nigga Know
127. Make It Rain
127. Mfs
127. Money Changes Feat. Chrisette Michelle
127. Never Never
127. No Pain No Gain
127. Oliver Twist
127. Panamera (Remix)
127. Sight Of Sun
127. Sun.Day.Breeze Ft. Wiz Khalifa
127. The Manipulation Pt2
127. Walk 'n Live
127. Walk'n'live
127. Winter Schemes