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A Fine Frenzy
Album Lyrics: Bomb in a Birdcage [2009]

A Fine Frenzy
"Bomb in a Birdcage [2009]"

1. What I Wouldn't Do playlist
2. New Heights playlist
3. Electric Twist playlist
4. Blow Away playlist
5. Happier playlist
6. Swan Song playlist
7. Elements playlist
8. The World Without playlist
9. Bird Of The Summer playlist
10. Stood Up playlist
11. The Beacon playlist

Album Lyrics: Oh Blue Christmas [2009]

A Fine Frenzy
"Oh Blue Christmas [2009]"

1. Blue Christmas playlist
2. Winter Wonderland playlist
3. Red Ribbon Foxes playlist
4. Winter White playlist
5. Wish You Well playlist
6. Christmas Time Is Here playlist

Album Lyrics: One Cell In The Sea [2007]

A Fine Frenzy
"One Cell In The Sea [2007]"

1. Come On, Come Out playlist
2. The Minnow & The Trout playlist
3. Whisper playlist
4. You Picked Me playlist
5. Rangers playlist
6. Almost Lover playlist
7. Think Of You playlist
8. Liar, Liar playlist
9. Last Of Days playlist
10. Lifesize playlist
11. Near To You playlist
12. Hope For The Hopeless playlist
13. Borrowed Time playlist

Album Lyrics: Vampire Diaries Music Season 02 [2010]

A Fine Frenzy
"Vampire Diaries Music Season 02 [2010]"

1. Ashes And Wine playlist

Album Lyrics: Pines [2012]

A Fine Frenzy
"Pines [2012]"

1. Pinesong playlist
2. Winds Of Wander playlist
3. Avalanches (Culla's Song) playlist
4. Riversong playlist
5. The Sighting playlist
6. Dream In The Dark playlist
7. Sailingsong playlist
8. Sadseasong playlist
9. They Can't If You Don't Let Them playlist
10. Dance Of The Gray Whales playlist
11. It's Alive playlist
12. Now Is The Start playlist