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Nickel Creek
Album Lyrics: This Side [2002]

Nickel Creek
"This Side"

1. Smoothie Song playlist
2. Spit On A Stranger playlist
3. Speak playlist
4. Hanging By A Thread playlist
5. Should've Known Better playlist
6. This Side playlist
7. Green And Gray playlist
8. Seven Wonders playlist
9. House Carpenter playlist
10. Beauty And The Mess playlist
11. Sabra Girl playlist
12. Young playlist
13. Brand New Sidewalk playlist

Album Lyrics: Nickel Creek [2000]

Nickel Creek
"Nickel Creek"

1. Ode To A Butterfly playlist
2. The Lighthouse's Tale playlist
3. Out Of The Woods playlist
4. House Of Tom Bombadil playlist
5. Reasons Why playlist
6. When You Come Back Down playlist
7. Sweet Afton playlist
8. Cuckoo's Nest playlist
9. The Hand Song playlist
10. Robin And Marian playlist
11. The Fox playlist
12. Pastures New playlist

Album Lyrics: Little Cowpoke [1998]

Nickel Creek
"Little Cowpoke"

1. Ride Cowboy Ride playlist
2. Pecos Bill playlist
3. I'm An Old Cowhand playlist
4. Chant Of The Wanderer playlist
5. I Want To Be A Cowboy's Sweetheart playlist
6. Back In The Saddle Again playlist
7. Home On The Range playlist
8. Git Along Little Dogies playlist
9. Deep In The Heart Of Texas playlist
10. Don't Fence Me In playlist
11. Happy Trails playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Nickel Creek

Nickel Creek
"Other Songs - Nickel Creek"

1. Moonfleet Beach playlist