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Artist/Band: Nickel Creek
Lyrics for Song: House Carpenter
Lyrics for Album: This Side

'Well met, well met'
said an old true love
'Well met, well met'
said he
"I have just returned
from the salt, salt sea
and it's all
for the love of thee."

"Come in, come in, my own true love
and have a seat by me
it's been three-fourths of a long, long year
since together we have been."

"I can't come in and I can't sit down
for I've only a moment's time
they say you're married to a house carpenter
and your heart will never be mine."

"I could've married the king's daughter fair
and she would have married me
but I have forsaken her crowns of gold
and it's all for the love of thee."

"Now will you forsake your house carpenter
and go along with me?
I'll take you where the grass grows green
on the banks of the deep blue sea."

Then she picked up her darling little babe
and kisses she gave it three
saying "Stay right here my darling little babe
and keep your papa company."

They had not been on the ship two weeks
I'm sure it was not three
til this true love began to weep and to mourn
and she wept most bitterly

saying "Are you weeping
for my silver and my gold?"
saying "Are you weeping for my store?
or are you weeping for your house carpenter
whose face you'll never see no more?"

'A curse, a curse'
to the sailor she cried
'A curse, a curse'
she swore
"you robbed me of my darling little babe
that I shall never see no more."

They had not been on the ship three weeks
I'm sure it was not four
when there came a leak in the bottom of the ship
and sank them for to rise no more.

Album Lyrics: This Side

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