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Skeeter Davis
Album Lyrics: The Best of the Best (Federal) [2002]

Skeeter Davis
"The Best of the Best (Federal) [2002]"

1. I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know playlist
2. Am I That Easy to Forget playlist
3. I Can't Help You I'm Falling Too playlist
4. My Last Date With You playlist
5. He Says the Same Things to Me playlist
6. Bus Fare to Kentucky playlist

Album Lyrics: Essential [1996]

Skeeter Davis
"Essential [1996]"

1. Set Him Free playlist
2. Where I Ought to Be playlist
3. Fuel to the Flame playlist
4. I'm a Lover Not a Fighter playlist
5. One You Slip Around With playlist
6. No Never playlist
7. Optimistic playlist
8. Mine Is a Lonely Life playlist

Album Lyrics: RCA Country Legends (Buddha) [2001]

Skeeter Davis
"RCA Country Legends (Buddha) [2001]"

1. Homebreaker playlist
2. There's a Fool Born Every Minute playlist
3. Rock-A-Bye Boogie playlist
4. Foggy Mountain Top playlist
5. I Can't Believe That It's All Over playlist
6. Oh Boy playlist

Album Lyrics: 20 of the Best (RCA) [1985]

Skeeter Davis
"20 of the Best (RCA) [1985]"

1. Hands You're Holding Now playlist
2. Optimistic playlist
3. Gonna Get Along With You Now playlist
4. Dear John Letter playlist

Album Lyrics: Georges Lang Volume 2 [2012]

Skeeter Davis
"Georges Lang Volume 2 [2012]"

1. The End of the World playlist

Album Lyrics: All American Country [2001]

Skeeter Davis
"All American Country [2001]"

1. I Can't Stay Mad At You playlist
2. It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels playlist
3. Joshua playlist
4. Maybe Baby playlist

Album Lyrics: The Pop Hits Collection (Taragon) [2003]

Skeeter Davis
"The Pop Hits Collection (Taragon) [2003]"

1. I'm Saving My Love playlist
2. What Does It Take to Keep a Man Like You Satisfied playlist
3. Silver Threads and Golden Needles playlist
5. Let Me Get Close to You playlist
6. Ladder of Success playlist
7. My Sweet Loving Man playlist
8. Easy To Love (So Hard To Get) playlist
9. Gonna Get Along Without You Now playlist
10. I Can't Stay Mad At You playlist
11. I Can't Help It (If I'm Still in Love With You) playlist
12. What Am I Gonna Do With You playlist
13. Don't Let Me Stand in Your Way playlist
14. Under the Boardwalk playlist
15. Please Don't Talk to the Lifeguard playlist
16. Summer Sunshine playlist
17. Remember (Walkin' in the Sand) playlist
18. Summer Song playlist
19. Sunglasses playlist
20. Keep Your Hands Off My Baby playlist
21. I Can't See Me Without You playlist

Album Lyrics: A Place in the Country (RCA Victor) [1970]

Skeeter Davis
"A Place in the Country (RCA Victor) [1970]"

1. A Place in the Country playlist
2. Givin' Out of Giving In playlist
3. Lonely Bridge playlist
4. Arms of Your Love playlist
5. What a Little Girl Don't Know playlist
6. Let's Get Together playlist
7. I Can Stand It (As Long As You Can) playlist
8. But You Know I Love You playlist
9. A Place in the Country (Reprise) playlist

Album Lyrics: He Wakes Me With a Kiss (RCA Camden) [1974]

Skeeter Davis
"He Wakes Me With a Kiss (RCA Camden) [1974]"

1. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry playlist
2. Today I Started Loving You Again playlist
3. Hello Darlin' playlist
4. Love Takes a Lot of My Time playlist
5. I Can't Seem to Say Goodbye playlist
6. He Wakes Me With a Kiss Every Morning playlist
7. If You Could Read My Mind playlist
8. You've Got a Friend playlist

Album Lyrics: Blueberry Hill (RCA Camden) [1965]

Skeeter Davis
"Blueberry Hill (RCA Camden) [1965]"

1. Blueberry Hill playlist
2. Little Music Box playlist
3. Face of a Clown playlist
4. Somebody Else on Your Mind playlist

Album Lyrics: Not That Easy To Forget: The Early Years [1970]

Skeeter Davis
"Not That Easy To Forget: The Early Years [1970]"

1. Lost to a Geisha Girl playlist
2. Walk Softly Darling playlist
3. Give Me Death playlist
4. He Left His Heart With Me playlist
5. I Need You All the Time playlist
6. Someone I'd Like to Forget playlist
7. Wishful Thinking playlist
8. Wave Bye Bye playlist
9. Chained to a Memory playlist
10. Standing in the Shadows playlist
11. Under Your Spell Again playlist
12. Let Those Brown Eyes Smile At Me playlist

Album Lyrics: The Best of Skeeter Davis, Vol 2 (RCA Victor) [1973]

Skeeter Davis
"The Best of Skeeter Davis, Vol 2 (RCA Victor) [1973]"

1. One Tin Soldier playlist
2. Bridge Over Troubled Water playlist

Album Lyrics: Bring It on Home (RCA Victor) [1972]

Skeeter Davis
"Bring It on Home (RCA Victor) [1972]"

1. Bring It on Home playlist
2. Never Ending Song of Love playlist
3. He Loved Me Too Little playlist
4. Take Me Home Country Roads playlist
5. Loving Him Was Easier playlist
6. All I Ever Wanted Was Love playlist
7. Just As Soon As I Get Over Loving You playlist
8. Reason to Believe playlist
9. Night They Drove Old Dixie Down playlist

Album Lyrics: Cloudy With Occasional Tears (RCA Victor) [1963]

Skeeter Davis
"Cloudy With Occasional Tears (RCA Victor) [1963]"

1. Why Why Why playlist
2. Moonlight Promises playlist
3. Can't Get Used To Losing You playlist
4. Don't Let It Happen To Us playlist
5. Cloudy With Occasional Tears playlist
6. You You You playlist
7. They Listened While You Said Goodbye playlist
8. It Was Only A Heart playlist
9. Somebody Loves You playlist

Album Lyrics: The Best of Skeeter Davis (RCA Victor) [1965]

Skeeter Davis
"The Best of Skeeter Davis (RCA Victor) [1965]"

1. I Will playlist
2. Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep playlist
3. Something Precious playlist

Album Lyrics: Easy to Love (RCA Camden) [1970]

Skeeter Davis
"Easy to Love (RCA Camden) [1970]"

1. Ask Me playlist
2. Another You playlist
3. My Happiness playlist
4. Didn't I playlist
5. Final Step playlist

Album Lyrics: Foggy Mountain Top (RCA Camden) [1971]

Skeeter Davis
"Foggy Mountain Top (RCA Camden) [1971]"

1. Send Me the Pillow That You Dream On playlist
2. I Walk the Line playlist
3. Walking the Floor Over You playlist
4. Oh Lonesome Me playlist
5. You Taught Me Everything That I Know playlist
6. In the Summertime (You Don't Want My Love) playlist

Album Lyrics: Hand in Hand With Jesus (RCA Victor) [1967]

Skeeter Davis
"Hand in Hand With Jesus (RCA Victor) [1967]"

1. Hand in Hand With Jesus playlist
2. It's Different Now playlist
3. Do You Know My Jesus playlist
4. No Tears in Heaven playlist
5. Who Am I playlist
6. Angel Band playlist
7. Precious Memories playlist
8. I'll Meet You in the Morning playlist
9. Child of the King playlist
10. Whispering Hope playlist
11. How Beautiful Heaven Must Be playlist
12. I Won't Have to Cross Jordan Alone playlist

Album Lyrics: Skeeter Davis: Studio 102 Essentials [1996]

Skeeter Davis
"Skeeter Davis: Studio 102 Essentials [1996]"

1. Gonna Find Me A Bluebird playlist
2. I Ain't Never playlist
3. Blue Kentucky Girl playlist
4. Rocky Top playlist
5. Hopelessly Devoted To You playlist
6. Sweet Dreams playlist
7. You Don't Have to Be a Baby to Cry playlist
8. Crying Time playlist
9. Ain't Nobody playlist

Album Lyrics: Here's the Answer (RCA Victor) [1961]

Skeeter Davis
"Here's the Answer (RCA Victor) [1961]"

1. He'll Have to Go playlist
2. He'll Have to Stay playlist
3. Last Date playlist
4. Tell Laura I Love Her playlist
5. Tell Tommy I Miss Him playlist
6. Please Help Me I'm Falling playlist
7. I Really Don't Want to Know playlist
8. I Really Want You to Know playlist
9. Just One Time playlist
10. I Want to See You Too (Just One Time) playlist

Album Lyrics: Hillbilly Singer (RCA Victor) [1973]

Skeeter Davis
"Hillbilly Singer (RCA Victor) [1973]"

1. Hillbilly Song playlist
2. Color of the Blues playlist
3. You Done Me Wrong playlist
4. Making Believe playlist
5. Crazy Arms playlist
6. My Shoes Keep Walking Back to You playlist
7. Half a Mind playlist
8. How Long Has It Been playlist

Album Lyrics: Versatile (RCA) [1975]

Skeeter Davis
"Versatile (RCA) [1975]"

1. Try Jesus playlist
2. Stay Awhile With Me playlist
3. Your Cheatin' Heart playlist
4. How in the World Do You Kill A Memory playlist
5. Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad playlist
6. Gypsy Joe and Me playlist
7. In the Good Old Days (When Times Were Bad) playlist
8. Lovin' Touch playlist
9. Once playlist
10. Baby Get That Leavin' Off Your Mind playlist
11. One More Time playlist
12. Don't Forget to Remember playlist

Album Lyrics: I Can't Believe That It's All Over (RCA Victor) [1973]

Skeeter Davis
"I Can't Believe That It's All Over (RCA Victor) [1973]"

1. Timothy playlist
2. I'll Be There playlist
3. Bobby Blows a Blue Note playlist
4. It Really Doesn't Matter At All playlist
5. You Made My Life a Song playlist
6. Good Love Is Like a Good Song playlist

Album Lyrics: I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know (RCA Camden) 1 [1964]

Skeeter Davis
"I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know (RCA Camden) 1 [1964]"

1. I'm Going Steady With a Hertache playlist
2. I Ain't a Talkin' playlist
3. Someday Someday playlist

Album Lyrics: I Love Flatt and Scruggs (RCA Victor) [1968]

Skeeter Davis
"I Love Flatt and Scruggs (RCA Victor) [1968]"

1. Head Over Heels in Love With You playlist
2. Down the Road playlist
3. I'll Never Love Another playlist
4. I Still Miss Someone playlist
5. Jimmy Brown the Newsboy playlist
6. God Loves His Children playlist
7. California Uptight Band playlist
8. I Won't Be Hanging Around playlist
9. Before I Met You playlist
10. On My Mind playlist
11. Cabin on the Hill playlist
12. Father's Table Grace playlist

Album Lyrics: Live Wire (51-West) [1982]

Skeeter Davis
"Live Wire (51-West) [1982]"

1. Just When I Needed You playlist

Album Lyrics: I'll Sing You a Song and Harmonize Too (RCA Victor [1959]

Skeeter Davis
"I'll Sing You a Song and Harmonize Too (RCA Victor [1959]"

1. Have You Seen This Man playlist
2. Devil's Doll playlist

Album Lyrics: It's Hard to Be a Woman (RCA Victor) [1970]

Skeeter Davis
"It's Hard to Be a Woman (RCA Victor) [1970]"

1. It's Hard to Be a Woman playlist
2. Someone Up There Still Loves Me playlist
3. I'm Only a Woman playlist
4. When You Gonna Bring Our Soldiers Home playlist
5. I'm Your Woman playlist
6. Girl Who'll Satisfy Her Man playlist
7. We Need a Lot More of Jesus playlist

Album Lyrics: Skeeter Sings Dolly (RCA Victor) [1972]

Skeeter Davis
"Skeeter Sings Dolly (RCA Victor) [1972]"

1. Down From Dover playlist
2. Put It Off Until Tomorrow playlist
3. Just the Way I Am playlist
4. Touch Your Woman playlist
5. Tomorrow Is Forever playlist
6. Daddy Was An Old Time Preacher Man playlist

Album Lyrics: Love Takes a Lot of My Time (RCA Victor) [1971]

Skeeter Davis
"Love Takes a Lot of My Time (RCA Victor) [1971]"

1. Fire and Rain playlist
2. Mama Your Big Girl's 'Bout to Cry playlist
3. You Call This Love (I Call It Hate) playlist
4. Amazing Grace playlist

Album Lyrics: The End of the World (RCA Camden) [1972]

Skeeter Davis
"The End of the World (RCA Camden) [1972]"

1. Daddy Sang Bass playlist
2. Son of a Preacher Man playlist
3. Little Arrows playlist
4. Hold Me Tight playlist
5. Angel of the Morning playlist
6. My Coloring Book playlist

Album Lyrics: Mary Frances (RCA Victor) [1969]

Skeeter Davis
"Mary Frances (RCA Victor) [1969]"

1. Windmills of Your Mind playlist
2. Someday Soon playlist
3. Only the Strong Survive playlist
4. Singing My Song playlist
5. I Didn't Cry Today playlist
6. Teach Me to Love You playlist
7. Both Sides Now playlist
8. Prescription for the Blues playlist
9. Chokin' Kind playlist

Album Lyrics: My Hearts in the Country (RCA Victor) [1966]

Skeeter Davis
"My Hearts in the Country (RCA Victor) [1966]"

1. My Heart's in the Country playlist
2. Ain't Had No Lovin' playlist
3. Think of Me playlist
4. I'm Living in Two Worlds playlist
5. You Ain't Woman Enough playlist
6. Guess My Eyes Were Bigger Than My Heart playlist
7. If I Ever Get to Heaven (I Won't See You) playlist
8. Before I'm Over You playlist
9. Evil on Your Mind playlist

Album Lyrics: Sing Duets (w Porter Wagoner) (RCA Victor) [1962]

Skeeter Davis
"Sing Duets (w Porter Wagoner) (RCA Victor) [1962]"

1. Have I Told You Lately That I Love You playlist
2. Above And Beyond (The Call of Love) playlist
3. Heaven Help Me playlist
4. Little Bitty Tear playlist
5. Sorrow's Tearing Down The House playlist
6. Violet and a Rose playlist
7. There's Always One playlist
8. We Could playlist
9. My Greatest Weakness playlist
10. Anymore playlist

Album Lyrics: Singin' in the Summer Sun (RCA Victor) [1966]

Skeeter Davis
"Singin' in the Summer Sun (RCA Victor) [1966]"

1. Dixie Cup of Sand playlist
2. That Warm Summer Night playlist
3. Summer Place playlist
4. Summertime playlist
5. That Summer Sunset playlist
6. Singin' in the Summer Sun playlist

Album Lyrics: Sings Buddy Holly (RCA Victor) [1967]

Skeeter Davis
"Sings Buddy Holly (RCA Victor) [1967]"

1. Early in the Morning playlist
2. Well All Right playlist
3. That'll Be the Day playlist
4. True Love Ways playlist
5. It's So Easy playlist
6. It Doesn't Matter Anymore playlist
7. I'm Looking For Someone to Love playlist
8. Heartbeat playlist
9. Think It Over playlist
10. Raining in My Heart playlist

Album Lyrics: Skeeter Sings Standards (RCA Victor) [1965]

Skeeter Davis
"Skeeter Sings Standards (RCA Victor) [1965]"

1. When I Fall in Love playlist
2. All of Me playlist
3. It Only Hurts For a Little While playlist
4. Dear Heart playlist
5. Fly Me to the Moon (In Other Words) playlist
6. Secret Love playlist
7. Cry Me a River playlist
8. Al-di-la playlist
9. You Tell Me Your Dream playlist
10. Too Young playlist
11. I Wanna Be Loved By You playlist
12. Smile playlist

Album Lyrics: Skeeter Skeeter Skeeter (RCA Victor) [1971]

Skeeter Davis
"Skeeter Skeeter Skeeter (RCA Victor) [1971]"

1. I Look Up (And See You on My Mind) playlist
2. Instinct for Survival playlist
3. Sad Situation playlist
4. Help Me Make It Through the Night playlist
5. Stranger in My Place playlist
6. Fall in With the Band playlist
7. Rachel playlist
8. I Still Belong to You playlist

Album Lyrics: The Closest Thing to Love (RCA Victor) [1969]

Skeeter Davis
"The Closest Thing to Love (RCA Victor) [1969]"

1. Keep Baltimore Beautiful playlist
2. Country Girl playlist
3. They Don't Make Love Like They Used To playlist
4. Broomstick Cowboy playlist
5. Baby Sweet Baby playlist
6. I Say a Little Prayer playlist
7. Born to Love You playlist
8. Love Love Love playlist
9. Closest Thing to Love (I've Ever Seen) playlist

Album Lyrics: The End of the World (RCA Victor) [1963]

Skeeter Davis
"The End of the World (RCA Victor) [1963]"

1. Once Upon a Time playlist
2. Why I'm Walkin' playlist
3. Don't Let Me Cross Over playlist
4. (I Want To Go) Where Nobody Knows Me playlist
5. Longing To Hold You Again playlist
6. He Called Me Baby playlist

Album Lyrics: Tunes for Two (w Bobby Bare) (RCA Victor) [1965]

Skeeter Davis
"Tunes for Two (w Bobby Bare) (RCA Victor) [1965]"

1. Too Used to Being With You playlist
2. In the Misty Moonlight playlist
3. We'll Sing in the Sunshine playlist
4. I Don't Care (Just As Long As You Love Me) playlist
5. True Love playlist
6. I Love You playlist
7. We Must Have Been Out of Our Minds playlist
8. Let It Be Me playlist
9. Together Again playlist
10. That's All I Want From You playlist
11. Invisible Tears playlist

Album Lyrics: What Does It Take (RCA Victor) [1967]

Skeeter Davis
"What Does It Take (RCA Victor) [1967]"

1. IOU (A Broken Heart) playlist
2. I'm Looking for a World playlist
3. Sad Sad World playlist
4. He Doesn't Love Me Anymore playlist
5. Something Comes Over Me playlist
6. It's a Crazy World playlist
7. What I Go Thru (To Keep Holding on to You) playlist

Album Lyrics: Why So Lonely (RCA Victor) [1968]

Skeeter Davis
"Why So Lonely (RCA Victor) [1968]"

1. Why So Lonely playlist
2. Burning a Hole in My Mind playlist
3. Don't Keep Me Lonely Too Long playlist
4. Promises Promises playlist
5. Most Wanted Man playlist
6. Somewhere With Me Sometime playlist
7. I Don't Wanna Play House playlist
8. You've Still Got a Place in My Heart playlist
9. Little Things Got Big playlist
10. I Wouldn't Treat My Dog playlist
11. Lonely Again playlist
12. You Mean the World to Me playlist

Album Lyrics: Written By the Stars (RCA Victor) [1965]

Skeeter Davis
"Written By the Stars (RCA Victor) [1965]"

1. When I Stop Dreaming playlist
2. Right Or Wrong (I'll Be With You) playlist
3. My Heart Skips a Beat playlist
4. Another (Just Like Me) playlist
5. Still playlist
6. Don't Worry 'Bout Me playlist

Album Lyrics: Your Husband My Wife (w Bobby Bare) (RCA Victor) [1965]

Skeeter Davis
"Your Husband My Wife (w Bobby Bare) (RCA Victor) [1965]"

1. Your Husband My Wife playlist
2. Before the Sunrise playlist
3. I Got You playlist
4. I'm So Afraid of Losing You Again playlist
5. Dream Baby (How Long My I Dream) playlist
6. My Elusive Dreams playlist
7. Let's Make Love Not War playlist
8. Truer Love You'll Never Find playlist
9. Jackson playlist
10. There Never Was a Time playlist