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Artist/Band: Skeeter Davis
Lyrics for Song: You Tell Me Your Dream
Lyrics for Album: Skeeter Sings Standards (RCA Victor) [1965]

(Skeeter Davis)

All day today I was thinking of the time a long time ago

When I told you I had a dream and my dream you wanted to know

I couldn't tell you my secret so I laughed and just shook my head

You didn't give up that easy and I still hear the words that you said.

You had a dream dear I had one too

My dream was the best cause it was of you

Come sweetheart tell me now is the time

You tell me your dream I'll tell you mine.

--- Instrumental ---

You said you dreamed I had promised that someday we would be wed

And that was exactly like my dream and I couldn't believe of what you said

But now we're both so happy everything turned out fine

You tell me your dream I'll tell you mine...

Album Lyrics: Skeeter Sings Standards (RCA Victor) [1965]

Skeeter Davis
"Skeeter Sings Standards (RCA Victor) [1965]"

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9. You Tell Me Your Dream
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