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Album Lyrics: Do You Like My Tight Sweater?

"Do You Like My Tight Sweater?"

1. Fun For Me playlist
2. Lotus Eaters playlist
3. Killa Bunnies playlist
4. Where Is The What If The What Is In Why? playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Moloko

"Other Songs - Moloko"

1. 100percent playlist
2. A Drop In The Ocean playlist
3. Absent Minded Friends playlist
4. Are 'Friends' Electric playlist
5. Being Is Bewildering playlist
6. Blow By Blow playlist
7. Cannot Contain This playlist
8. Come On playlist
9. Familiar Feeling. playlist
10. Forever More playlist
11. I Want You playlist
12. Indigo playlist
13. It's Alright With Me playlist
14. It's Nothing playlist
15. Knee Deepen playlist
16. Mother playlist
17. Over And Over playlist
18. Pure Pleasure Seeker playlist
19. Reamain The Same playlist
20. Sing It Back playlist
21. Statues playlist
22. The Flipside playlist
23. The Only Ones playlist
24. The Time Is Now playlist
25. The Truth playlist
26. Forever More (Video Edit) playlist
27. On My Horsey playlist
28. Tubeliar playlist

Album Lyrics: Statues [2002]

"Statues [2002]"

1. 100percent playlist
2. Blow X Blow playlist
3. Cannot Contain This playlist
4. Come On playlist
5. Familiar Feeling playlist
6. I Want You playlist
7. Over & Over playlist
8. Take My Hand playlist
9. The Only Ones playlist

Album Lyrics: Things to Make and Do [2000]

"Things to Make and Do [2000]"

1. A Drop in the Ocean playlist
2. Absent Minded Friends playlist
3. Being Is Bewildering playlist
4. Dumb Inc. playlist
5. Indigo playlist
6. It's Nothing playlist
7. Mother playlist
8. Remain The Same playlist
9. Somebody Somewhere playlist
10. The Time Is Now playlist

Album Lyrics: Catalogue [2006]

"Catalogue [2006]"

1. Bankrupt Emotionally playlist
2. Familiar Feeling (Radio Edit) playlist
3. Forever More playlist
4. Fun for Me (Radio Edit) playlist
5. Indigo (Radio Edit) playlist
6. Pure Pleasure Seeker playlist
7. Sing It Back (Boris Musical Mix Edit) playlist
8. Statues playlist
9. The Flipside (Radio Edit) playlist
10. The Time Is Now (Radio Edit) playlist
11. Where Is the What If the What Is in Why playlist

Album Lyrics: Do You Like My Tight Sweater? [1995]

"Do You Like My Tight Sweater? [1995]"

1. Fun for Me playlist
2. Killa Bunnies playlist
3. Lotus Eaters playlist
4. Tight Sweater playlist

Album Lyrics: I Am Not a Doctor [1998]

"I Am Not a Doctor [1998]"

1. Knee Deepen playlist
2. Sing It Back playlist
3. The Flipside playlist