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Artist/Band: Moloko
Lyrics for Song: Pure Pleasure Seeker
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Moloko

gotta get me some
gotta get me instant gratification
gimme new kicks won't you show me
new tricks without the ramifications
give it a try don't be shy well
you know you might like it
never been too keen a timekeeper
but I'm a pure new pleasure seeker
all the way from venus
invading from mars
don't let that come between us
it's written in the stars
save me from fading afraid
the tears of a fool on parade
quietly turn into stone
make me flesh and bone
well come on
oh, you know that you want it now
well come on yeah
you know that you want it and how
stimulation in body and cell
for the good and misguided
desperation i'm under your spell
misunderstood and derided
speculation they kiss and they tell
misjudged and misquoted
fell into the abyss
i must have wanted this
another myth exploded
take a weight off your mind
trust the voice of experience
I tell you little white lies
viva indifference
stoke up the fire
I'm all you require
they won't set you alight
come and live your desire
come make me whole body and soulÂ…

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Moloko

"Other Songs - Moloko"

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