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Adrian Belew
Album Lyrics: Coming Attractions [2000]

Adrian Belew
"Coming Attractions [2000]"

1. 117 Valley Drive playlist
2. Bird In A Box playlist
3. House Of Cards playlist
4. People playlist
5. The Man In The Moon playlist

Album Lyrics: Belew Prints - The Acoustic Adrian Belew, Volume Two [1998]

Adrian Belew
"Belew Prints - The Acoustic Adrian Belew, Volume Two [1998]"

1. 1967 playlist
2. Big Blue Sun playlist

Album Lyrics: Op Zop Too Wah [1996]

Adrian Belew
"Op Zop Too Wah [1996]"

1. A Plate Of Words playlist
2. All Her Love Is Mine playlist
3. Beautiful playlist
4. In My Backyard playlist
5. Live In A Tree playlist
6. Modern Man Hurricane Blues playlist
7. Six String playlist
8. Sky Blue, Red Bird, Green House playlist
9. Something To Do playlist
10. The Ruin After The Rain playlist
11. Word Play Drum Beat playlist

Album Lyrics: Desire Of The Rhino King [1991]

Adrian Belew
"Desire Of The Rhino King [1991]"

1. Adidas In Heat playlist
2. Ballet For A Blue Whale playlist
3. Fish Head playlist
4. Hot Sun playlist
5. Paint The Road playlist
6. Sexy Rhino playlist
7. She Is Not Dead playlist
8. Swingline playlist
9. The Final Rhino playlist
10. The Ideal Woman playlist
11. The Momur playlist
12. Twang Bar King playlist

Album Lyrics: Side Four (Live) [2007]

Adrian Belew
"Side Four (Live) [2007]"

1. Ampersand playlist
2. Big Electric Cat playlist
3. Dinosaur playlist
4. Matchless Man playlist
5. Of Bow And Drum playlist
6. Thela Hun Ginjeet playlist
7. Three Of A Perfect Pair (Live) playlist
8. Writing On The Wall playlist
9. Young Lions playlist

Album Lyrics: Lone Rhino [1982]

Adrian Belew
"Lone Rhino [1982]"

1. Animal Grace playlist
2. Naive Guitar playlist
3. Stop It playlist

Album Lyrics: Salad Days [1999]

Adrian Belew
"Salad Days [1999]"

1. Bad Days playlist
2. Cage playlist
3. Everything playlist
4. Fly playlist
5. I Remember How To Forget playlist
6. Men In Helicopters playlist
7. Never Enough playlist
8. One Of Those Days playlist
9. The Lone Rhinoceros playlist
10. The Rail Song playlist

Album Lyrics: Inner Revolution [1992]

Adrian Belew
"Inner Revolution [1992]"

1. Birds playlist
2. Heaven's Bed playlist
3. I Walk Alone playlist
4. I'd Rather Be Right Here playlist
5. Only A Dream playlist
6. Standing In The Shadow playlist
7. This Is What I Believe In playlist

Album Lyrics: Here [1994]

Adrian Belew
"Here [1994]"

1. Brave New World playlist
2. Burned By The Fire We Make playlist
3. Futurevision playlist
4. I See You playlist
5. May 1, 1990 playlist
6. Peace On Earth playlist
7. Postcard From Holland playlist
8. Survival In The Wild playlist

Album Lyrics: Mr. Music Head [1989]

Adrian Belew
"Mr. Music Head [1989]"

1. Bumpity Bump playlist
2. Coconuts playlist
3. Hot Zoo playlist
4. Motor Bungalow playlist
5. Oh Daddy playlist
6. Peaceable Kingdom playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Adrian Belew

Adrian Belew
"Other Songs - Adrian Belew"

1. Complicated Potatoes playlist
2. Dig Me playlist
3. Elephant Talk playlist
4. Figure It Out playlist
5. Frame By Frame playlist
6. Girl With Clouds playlist
7. Holy Mack playlist
8. Honeybee playlist
9. Indiscipline playlist
10. Inner Garden playlist
11. Life In A Nutshell playlist
12. Man With An Open Heart playlist
13. Meet Me In The Dark playlist
14. Mr. Bonaparte playlist
15. Neal & Jack & Me playlist
16. Neurotica playlist
17. Nobody's Fool playlist
18. None Of The Above playlist
19. One Time playlist
20. Raining playlist
21. Save Me playlist
22. Sex Sleep Eat Drink Dream playlist
23. Shoe Salesman playlist
24. Sleepless playlist
25. Superboy playlist
26. The Best Laid Plans playlist
27. The Howler playlist
28. Waiting Room playlist
29. Walking On Air playlist
30. Wavelength playlist
31. What Do You Know? playlist

Album Lyrics: Young Lions [1990]

Adrian Belew
"Young Lions [1990]"

1. Gunman playlist
2. Heartbeat playlist
3. I Am What I Am playlist
4. Looking For A U.F.O. playlist
5. Phone Call From The Moon playlist
6. Pretty Pink Rose playlist
7. Small World playlist

Album Lyrics: Twang Bar King [1983]

Adrian Belew
"Twang Bar King [1983]"

1. I Wonder playlist
2. I'm Down playlist

Album Lyrics: Side One [2005]

Adrian Belew
"Side One [2005]"

1. Under The Radar playlist
2. Walk Around The World playlist

Album Lyrics: The Acoustic Adrian Belew [1993]

Adrian Belew
"The Acoustic Adrian Belew [1993]"

1. Matte Kudasai playlist
2. Old Fat Cadillac playlist