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Artist/Band: Adrian Belew
Lyrics for Song: Live In A Tree
Lyrics for Album: Op Zop Too Wah [1996]

Your mama is crazy

And your daddy's evasive

And they probably won't leave you alone

Between the neighborhood screaming

And the laundry and the t.v.

You can hardly hear the cellular phone

You feel stress, you need a rest

Too many things you've got to get off your chest

To be free to get some peace

You have to live in a tree

You gave away your stereo

And kept your pocket radio

And threw away the keys to your car

Then you loaded up a t-shirt

Booked a ticket on a steamer

And you boarded it for zanzibar

You had stress, you needed rest

Too many things you had to get off your chest

To be free to get some peace

You had to live in a tree

"live in a tree"

Friday may 3, 1996

Album Lyrics: Op Zop Too Wah [1996]

Adrian Belew
"Op Zop Too Wah [1996]"

1. A Plate Of Words
2. All Her Love Is Mine
3. Beautiful
4. In My Backyard
5. Live In A Tree
6. Modern Man Hurricane Blues
7. Six String
8. Sky Blue, Red Bird, Green House
9. Something To Do
10. The Ruin After The Rain
11. Word Play Drum Beat