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Natalia Druyts
Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Natalia Druyts

Natalia Druyts
"Other Songs - Natalia Druyts"

1. 1 Minute playlist
2. Conga playlist
3. I'll Be Here playlist
4. Think playlist

Album Lyrics: Wise Girl (Special Edition) [2009]

Natalia Druyts
"Wise Girl (Special Edition) [2009]"

1. 17 Days playlist
2. Cat That Got The Cream playlist
3. Feeling playlist
4. Lonely playlist
5. Match Made In Heaven playlist
6. Mind, Body & Soul playlist
7. On The Radio playlist
8. Put That Record On playlist
9. Soul Divided playlist
10. Still With Me playlist
11. Suspicion playlist
12. Treat Me Like A Woman Today playlist

Album Lyrics: Best Of Natalia [2010]

Natalia Druyts
"Best Of Natalia [2010]"

1. All Or Nothing playlist
2. Burning Star playlist
3. Drop A Little playlist
4. Everything & More playlist
5. Fragile Not Broken playlist
6. Glamorous playlist
7. Gone To Stay playlist
8. Heartbreaker playlist
9. Higher Than The Sun playlist
10. I Survived You playlist
11. I Want You Back playlist
12. I've Only Begun To Fight playlist
13. Rid Of You playlist
14. Ridin' By playlist
15. Risin' playlist
16. Shelter playlist
17. Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves playlist
18. Where She Belongs playlist
19. Wise Girl playlist
20. Without You playlist

Album Lyrics: Everything & More (Special Edition) [2008]

Natalia Druyts
"Everything & More (Special Edition) [2008]"

1. All That I Am playlist
2. Appetite For Love playlist
3. I Got You playlist
4. I Was Born playlist
5. I Will playlist
6. Kind Of Love playlist
7. Let It Ride playlist
8. Like A Lady playlist
9. Little Precious playlist
10. Paper Rain playlist
11. Unexpected playlist

Album Lyrics: Back For More (Special Edition) [2006]

Natalia Druyts
"Back For More (Special Edition) [2006]"

1. Alright OK, You Win playlist
2. Back For More playlist
3. Every Single Day playlist
4. Feels So Good playlist
5. Get Back playlist
6. Heart Of Gold playlist
7. Some Things Are Meant To Be playlist
8. Unspeakable playlist
9. We're Gonna Have A Party playlist
10. What Don't Kill You Makes You Stronger playlist
11. You Are playlist
12. You're Gonna Get There playlist

Album Lyrics: This Time [2003]

Natalia Druyts
"This Time [2003]"

1. Beautiful Now playlist
2. Do Ya Wanna Funk? playlist
3. For Once In My Life playlist
4. Never Knew Love playlist
5. Never Never playlist
6. Orange Coloured Sky playlist
7. The Rose playlist
8. This Time playlist
9. Too Late playlist
10. We're All Alone playlist

Album Lyrics: Overdrive [2013]

Natalia Druyts
"Overdrive [2013]"

1. Overdrive playlist