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Artist/Band: Natalia Druyts
Lyrics for Song: Beautiful Now
Lyrics for Album: This Time [2003]

There was a man who had no piece of mind

I'm ashamed to say that man was mine

I did my best to save him

For six hundred fifty seven days

My life was a drama and so crazed

My tears don't even phase him

I don't know why, why, why

Somehow I thought my hand were tied, tied, tied

But now I'm on the other side

And now I do know

Freedom came when I learned to let go

Timer turned that heartache around

I say oh, oh, oh

Life is beautiful now

Flying way op to the sky

I say oh, oh, oh

Life is beautiful now

There was a girl who had so many scars

No one ever said she was beautiful

She could not look into the mirror

Grown up she could not live it down

'Til she went and turned her heart around

And then the truth, well it got clearer

Now she don't know why, why, why

She could not open her eyes, eyes, eyes

But now she's standin' in the light

Now she knows best

All she is and what she possesses

Ain't nobody gonna make ya wash your face

Ain't nobody gonna make ya change your ways

Ain't nobody gonna some and take your place

Make you do what you gotta do

Sometimes you gotta make a season change

Sometimes you gotta take a leap of faith

Sometimes, Sometimes

You know what to do

Album Lyrics: This Time [2003]

Natalia Druyts
"This Time [2003]"

1. Beautiful Now
2. Do Ya Wanna Funk?
3. For Once In My Life
4. Never Knew Love
5. Never Never
6. Orange Coloured Sky
7. The Rose
8. This Time
9. Too Late
10. We're All Alone