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Teena Marie
Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Teena Marie

Teena Marie
"Other Songs - Teena Marie"

1. 14k playlist
2. Life Is So Hard playlist
3. Lovin Cup playlist
4. Soldier playlist
5. Someday We'll All Be Free Live playlist
6. Rare Breed playlist
7. Sweet Tooth playlist

Album Lyrics: It Must Be Magic [1981]

Teena Marie
"It Must Be Magic [1981]"

1. 365 playlist
2. Revolution playlist
3. The Ballad Of Cradle Rob And Me playlist
4. Where's California playlist
5. Yes Indeed playlist

Album Lyrics: La Doña [2004]

Teena Marie
"La Doña [2004]"

1. A Rose By Any Other Name playlist
2. Baby I'm Your Fiend playlist
3. High Yellow Girl playlist
4. Hit Me Where I Live playlist
5. I'm On Fire playlist
6. I'm Still In Love playlist
7. La Doña Intro playlist
8. Makavelli Never Lied playlist
9. My Body's Hungry playlist
10. Off The Chain playlist
11. Recycle Hate To Love playlist
12. The Mackin' Game playlist

Album Lyrics: Sapphire [2006]

Teena Marie
"Sapphire [2006]"

1. A.P.B. playlist
2. God Has Created playlist
3. Love Is A Gangsta playlist
4. Oooh Wee playlist
5. Resilient (Sapphire) playlist
6. Romantica playlist
7. Sleeping With The Enemy playlist
8. You Blow Me Away playlist

Album Lyrics: Icon [2011]

Teena Marie
"Icon [2011]"

1. Aladdin's Lamp playlist
2. Behind The Groove playlist
3. I Need Your Lovin' playlist
4. I'm A Sucker For Your Love playlist
5. Irons In The Fire playlist
6. It Must Be Magic playlist
7. Now That I Have You playlist
8. Portuguese Love playlist
9. Square Biz playlist

Album Lyrics: Starchild [1984]

Teena Marie
"Starchild [1984]"

1. Alibi playlist
2. Help Youngblood Get To The Freaky Party playlist

Album Lyrics: Robbery [1983]

Teena Marie
"Robbery [1983]"

1. Ask Your Momma playlist
2. Midnight Magnet playlist
3. Robbery playlist

Album Lyrics: Congo Square [2009]

Teena Marie
"Congo Square [2009]"

1. Baby, I Love You playlist
2. Can't Last A Day playlist
3. Ear Candy 101 playlist
4. Harlem Blues playlist
5. Lover's Lane playlist
6. Milk N' Honey playlist
7. The Rose N' Thorn playlist

Album Lyrics: Emerald City [1986]

Teena Marie
"Emerald City [1986]"

1. Batucada Suite playlist
2. Once Is Not Enough playlist
3. Sunny Skies playlist
4. You So Heavy playlist

Album Lyrics: First Class Love - Rare Tee [2011]

Teena Marie
"First Class Love - Rare Tee [2011]"

1. First Class Love playlist

Album Lyrics: Greatest Hits [1991]

Teena Marie
"Greatest Hits [1991]"

1. Call Me (I Got Yo Number) playlist
2. Here's Looking At You playlist

Album Lyrics: Love Songs [2000]

Teena Marie
"Love Songs [2000]"

1. Cassanova Brown playlist
2. Cupid Is A Real Straight Shooter playlist
3. Dear Lover playlist
4. If I Were A Bell playlist
5. Ivory (A Tone Poem) playlist
6. Miracles Need Wings To Fly playlist
7. My Dear Mr. Gaye playlist
8. Ooo La La La playlist
9. Opus III (The Second Movement) playlist
10. Shadow Boxing playlist
11. Shangri-La playlist
12. We've Got To Stop (Meeting Like This) playlist

Album Lyrics: Irons In The Fire [1980]

Teena Marie
"Irons In The Fire [1980]"

1. Chains playlist
2. Tune In Tomorrow playlist
3. You Make Love Like Springtime playlist

Album Lyrics: Naked To The World [1988]

Teena Marie
"Naked To The World [1988]"

1. Crocodile Tears playlist
2. Surrealistic Pillow playlist
3. The Once And Future Dream playlist
4. Trick Bag playlist

Album Lyrics: Funk Biz [2001]

Teena Marie
"Funk Biz [2001]"

1. Emerald City playlist
2. Jammin' playlist
3. Lovergirl playlist
4. Playboy playlist
5. Stop The World playlist

Album Lyrics: Ivory [1990]

Teena Marie
"Ivory [1990]"

1. How Can You Resist It playlist
2. Mr. Icecream playlist

Album Lyrics: Wild And Peaceful [1979]

Teena Marie
"Wild And Peaceful [1979]"

1. I Can't Love Anymore playlist

Album Lyrics: Teena Marie: Ultimate Collection [1997]

Teena Marie
"Teena Marie: Ultimate Collection [1997]"

Album Lyrics: Lady T [1980]

Teena Marie
"Lady T [1980]"

1. You're All The Boogie I Need playlist

Album Lyrics: Beautiful [2013]

Teena Marie
"Beautiful [2013]"

1. Luv Letter playlist

Album Lyrics: Greatest Hits [1985]

Teena Marie
"Greatest Hits [1985]"

1. Opus III (Does Anybody Care) playlist

Album Lyrics: Lovergirl - The Teena Marie Story [1997]

Teena Marie
"Lovergirl - The Teena Marie Story [1997]"

1. Out On A Limb playlist
2. The Sugar Shack (Extended Club Mix) playlist