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Artist/Band: Teena Marie
Lyrics for Song: Recycle Hate To Love
Lyrics for Album: La Doña [2004]

[Lady Levi:]

Now here comes Lady Levi 'longside Lady Tee,

the great Lady Tee, 'nuff respect every time

So go ahead and put those "five" in the ear

And wave from side to side

Who I am, is defined by the way I act, by the way I care

By the way I share

Who I am shouldn't make people stop and stare

Cause everybody's got their different stylings

[Teena Marie:]

Global warmings, got you hotter

Than you've ever been before

Dissapation, of the rights of culture

And the family structure is no more

Green-eyed dragon still the root of all that's evil

And another baby's born diseased

Drug-addiction wastes the land of milk and honey

Mama cries and falls down to her knees

Wonderin' why all our cosmic lies are broken

But will I have to watch my children die?

My brothers and sisters please

Love all that is earthly

My Lord help us up above

Recycle our hate to love

Nows the moment, from an inner conscience

Rebuild the thinking of the human race

Before mass extinction of all sacred beings

And the true devotion can take place

One-eyed beast of [? ] in the corner laughing

Prostitutes our children, pimps them blind

Air pollution just as thick as thieves, I can't breathe

Bullets fly another mother cries

Now that all our cosmic laws are broken

Will I have to watch my children die?

My brothers and sisters please

Our earth is so holy

My Lord help us up above

Recycle our hate to love

As the earth goes, around the sun

Stars gave birth to you and I

We're evolving to a higher being

And she trying to tell you

Of her days gone by

[Alia Rose:]

Peace to my children in the Middle East

Peace to my brothers in South Central's streets

Peace to my sisters on the west side

Peace to my homies on the shoreline

Peeps to my peeps in the ghetto

Peace to my Locs in the Barrio

Peace to the mothers and the fathers who

Who ever lost a child before their life was through

[Teena Marie:]

What you think is small is [? ]

No compassion then pain versus

Terrorism cause great offense

I am Love and Loves my greatest gift

My Lord, My lord help us up above

Album Lyrics: La Doña [2004]

Teena Marie
"La Doña [2004]"

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