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Freedy Johnston
Album Lyrics: This Perfect World [1994]

Freedy Johnston
"This Perfect World [1994]"

1. Across The Avenue playlist
2. Bad Reputation playlist
3. Can't Sink This Town playlist
4. Cold Again playlist
5. Disappointed Man playlist
6. Dolores playlist
7. Evie's Garden playlist
8. Evie's Tears playlist
9. Gone Like The Water playlist
10. This Perfect World playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Freedy Johnston

Freedy Johnston
"Other Songs - Freedy Johnston"

1. Anyone playlist
2. Caroline playlist
3. Don't Fall In Love With A Lonely Girl playlist
4. Fun Ride playlist
5. Gina playlist
6. Hotel Seventeen playlist
7. I'm Not Hypnotized playlist
8. In My Dream playlist
9. It's Gonna Come Back To You playlist
10. Little Red Haired Girl playlist
11. Livin' Too Close To The Rio Grande playlist
12. Lovers Stop playlist
13. On The Way Out playlist
14. One More Thing To Break playlist
15. Something's Out There playlist
16. The Lucky One [Demo Version] playlist
17. Waste Your Time playlist
18. Western Sky playlist
19. You Get Me Lost playlist
20. I Can Hear The Laughs playlist
21. No Violins playlist
22. While I Wait For You playlist

Album Lyrics: Trouble Tree [1990]

Freedy Johnston
"Trouble Tree [1990]"

1. Bad Girl playlist
2. Innocent playlist
3. Tucumcari playlist
4. Fun Ride playlist
5. Gina playlist
6. Little Red Haired Girl playlist

Album Lyrics: Rain On The City [2010]

Freedy Johnston
"Rain On The City [2010]"

1. Central Station playlist
2. Lonely Penny playlist
3. The Devil Raises His Own playlist
4. The Kind Of Love We're In playlist
5. Venus Is Her Name playlist
6. What You Cannot See, You Cannot Fight playlist