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Artist/Band: Freedy Johnston
Lyrics for Song: You Get Me Lost
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Freedy Johnston

Did I wake you up again

Talking in my sleep

Unfamiliar afternoon

We were out for a little while

Voices from the street

Sunlight in a rented room

I don't know how

You get me lost

Forgotten where I'm running from

I have found

You get me lost

And I don't care where we're going

I'll follow you to your cloud

Or meet you underground

Take me with you either way

What if we'd never met

You lead me to forget

What I was about to say

I'm turned around

You get me lost

Directions wrong, way unknown

I have found

You get me lost

And I don't care where we're going

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Freedy Johnston

Freedy Johnston
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