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Joe Diffie
Album Lyrics: Ultimate Collection [2009]

Joe Diffie
"Ultimate Collection [2009]"

1. A Night To Remember playlist
2. Bigger Than The Beatles playlist
3. C-O-U-N-T-R-Y playlist
4. Home playlist
5. Honky Tonk Attitude playlist
6. If You Want Me To playlist
7. In Another World playlist
8. In My Own Backyard playlist
9. Is It Cold In Here playlist
10. John Deere Green playlist
11. New Way (To Light Up An Old Flame) playlist
12. Next Thing Smokin' playlist
13. Pickup Man playlist
14. Prop Me Up Beside The Jukebox (If I Die) playlist
15. Ships That Don't Come In playlist
16. So Help Me Girl playlist
17. Third Rock From The Sun playlist

Album Lyrics: Regular Joe [1992]

Joe Diffie
"Regular Joe [1992]"

1. Goodnight Sweetheart playlist
2. Just a Regular Joe playlist
3. Startin' Over Blues playlist
4. You Made Me What I Am playlist

Album Lyrics: Mr Xmas [1995]

Joe Diffie
"Mr Xmas [1995]"

1. All Because Of A Baby Boy playlist
2. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas playlist
3. Leroy The Red Necked Reindeer playlist
4. Magazine Angels playlist
5. O Holy Night playlist

Album Lyrics: Honky Tonk Attitude [1993]

Joe Diffie
"Honky Tonk Attitude [1993]"

1. And That Was The Easy Part playlist
2. I Can Walk The Line (If It Ain't Too Straight) playlist

Album Lyrics: A Night To Remember [1999]

Joe Diffie
"A Night To Remember [1999]"

1. Are We Even Yet playlist
2. Don't Our Love Look Natural playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Joe Diffie

Joe Diffie
"Other Songs - Joe Diffie"

1. Cold Budweiser And A Sweet Tater playlist
2. Down In A Ditch [Dance Mix] playlist
3. Hallow Deep As Mine playlist
4. Hurt Me All The Time playlist
5. I'm Not Through Losing You playlist
6. Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow playlist
7. Poor Me playlist
8. Show Me A Woman playlist
9. The Car playlist

Album Lyrics: Thousand Winding Roads [1990]

Joe Diffie
"Thousand Winding Roads [1990]"

1. There Goes The Neighborhood playlist

Album Lyrics: Live In Concert [2007]

Joe Diffie
"Live In Concert [2007]"

1. Country playlist

Album Lyrics: Joe Diffie: Live At Billy Bob's Texas [2003]

Joe Diffie
"Joe Diffie: Live At Billy Bob's Texas [2003]"

1. Good Brown Gravy playlist
2. It's Always Something playlist

Album Lyrics: Twice Upon A Time [1997]

Joe Diffie
"Twice Upon A Time [1997]"

1. I Got A Feelin' playlist
2. Zero playlist

Album Lyrics: Third Rock from the Sun [1994]

Joe Diffie
"Third Rock from the Sun [1994]"

1. I'd Like to Have a Problem Like That playlist
2. I'm In Love With A Capital U playlist
3. Junior's In Love playlist
4. That Road Not Taken playlist
5. The Cows Came Home playlist
6. Wild Blue Yonder playlist

Album Lyrics: Life's So Funny [1995]

Joe Diffie
"Life's So Funny [1995]"

1. I'm Willing to Try playlist
2. Life's So Funny playlist
3. Never Mine To Lose playlist
4. She Loves Me playlist
5. Tears In The Rain playlist
6. Whole Lotta Gone playlist

Album Lyrics: Tougher Than Nails [2004]

Joe Diffie
"Tougher Than Nails [2004]"

1. If I Could Only Bring You Back playlist
2. My Redneck Of The Woods playlist
3. Tougher Than Nails playlist

Album Lyrics: In Another World [2001]

Joe Diffie
"In Another World [2001]"

1. If I Lost Her playlist
2. My Give A Damn's Busted playlist
3. Stoned On Her Love playlist
4. What A Way To Go playlist

Album Lyrics: Essential Joe Diffie [2003]

Joe Diffie
"Essential Joe Diffie [2003]"

1. If the Devil Danced in Empty Pockets playlist
2. This Is Your Brain playlist

Album Lyrics: Playlist: The Very Best Of Joe Diffie [2003]

Joe Diffie
"Playlist: The Very Best Of Joe Diffie [2003]"

1. Not Too Much To Ask playlist

Album Lyrics: Greatest Hits [1998]

Joe Diffie
"Greatest Hits [1998]"

1. Texas Size Heartache playlist