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Hank Williams Jr.
Album Lyrics: 127 Rose Avenue [2009]

Hank Williams Jr.
"127 Rose Avenue [2009]"

1. Farm Song playlist
2. Red, White & Pink-Slip Blues playlist
4. Mighty Oak Tree playlist
5. Forged By Fire playlist
7. 127 Rose Avenue playlist
8. All The Roads playlist
9. Sounds Like Justice playlist
10. Gulf Shore Road playlist

Album Lyrics: Icon [2012]

Hank Williams Jr.
"Icon [2012]"

1. Long Gone Lonesome Blues playlist
2. Standing In The Shadows playlist
3. It's All Over But The Crying playlist
4. Cajun Baby playlist
5. I'd Rather Be Gone playlist
6. I'll Think Of Something playlist
7. Stoned At The Jukebox playlist
8. Eleven Roses playlist
9. Rainy Night In Georgia playlist
10. I've Got A Right To Cry playlist
11. Jambalaya (On The Bayou) playlist

Album Lyrics: Essential [2001]

Hank Williams Jr.
"Essential [2001]"

1. Your Cheatin' Heart playlist
2. Endless Sleep playlist
3. Nobody's Child playlist
4. I Wouldn't Change A Thing About You playlist
5. I Was With Red Foley (The Night He Passed Away) playlist
6. Custody playlist
7. Be Careful Of Stones That You Throw playlist

Album Lyrics: Old School New Rules [2012]

Hank Williams Jr.
"Old School New Rules [2012]"

1. You Win Again playlist
2. Takin' Back The Country playlist
3. I'm Gonna Get Drunk And Play Hank Williams playlist
4. Three Day Trip playlist
5. Old School playlist
6. We Don't Apologize For America playlist
7. Who's Taking Care Of Number One playlist
8. That Ain't Good playlist
9. Stock Market Blues playlist
10. I Think I'll Just Stay Here And Drink playlist

Album Lyrics: The Complete Hank Williams Jr. [1999]

Hank Williams Jr.
"The Complete Hank Williams Jr. [1999]"

1. All For The Love Of Sunshine playlist
2. Mobile Boogie playlist
3. I Fought The Law playlist
4. Old Habits playlist
5. Kaw-Liga playlist
6. Dixie On My Mind playlist
7. Texas Women playlist
8. All My Rowdy Friends (Have Settled Down) playlist
9. Don't Give Us A Reason playlist
10. Young Country playlist
11. Heaven Can't Be Found playlist
12. Mind Your Own Business playlist
13. I'm For Love playlist
14. Ain't Misbehavin' playlist
15. This Ain't Dallas playlist
16. Man Of Steel playlist
17. Honky Tonkin' playlist
18. Queen Of My Heart playlist
19. Gonna Go Huntin' Tonight playlist
20. Attitude Adjustment playlist
21. Major Moves playlist
22. Leave Them Boys Alone playlist
23. Finders Are Keepers playlist
24. The American Dream playlist
25. I'll Never Get Out Of This World Alive playlist
26. Hog Wild playlist
27. Angels Are Hard To Find playlist
28. Good Friends, Good Whiskey, Good Lovin' playlist
29. Ain't Nobody's Business playlist
30. Come On Over To The Country playlist
31. Everything Comes Down To Money And Love playlist
32. If It Will It Will playlist
33. If The South Woulda Won playlist
34. Early In The Morning And Late At Night playlist

Album Lyrics: That's How They Do It In Dixie: The Essential Coll [2006]

Hank Williams Jr.
"That's How They Do It In Dixie: The Essential Coll [2006]"

1. Family Tradition playlist
2. Whiskey Bent And Hell Bound playlist
3. Women I've Never Had playlist
4. A Country Boy Can Survive playlist
5. Born To Boogie playlist
6. All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight playlist
7. Country State Of Mind playlist
8. There's A Tear In My Beer playlist
9. My Name is Bocephus playlist
10. If Heaven Ain't A Lot Like Dixie playlist
11. That's How They Do It In Dixie playlist
12. Stirrin' It Up playlist

Album Lyrics: 20 Hits Special Collection, Vol. 1 [1995]

Hank Williams Jr.
"20 Hits Special Collection, Vol. 1 [1995]"

1. White Lightnin' playlist
2. The American Way playlist
3. If You Don't Like Hank Williams playlist
4. Ramblin' Man playlist

Album Lyrics: Double Play [2010]

Hank Williams Jr.
"Double Play [2010]"

1. The Conversation playlist

Album Lyrics: A.K.A. Wham Bam Sam [1996]

Hank Williams Jr.
"A.K.A. Wham Bam Sam [1996]"

1. Don Juan D'bubba playlist
2. Been There, Done That playlist
3. Let's Keep The Heart In The Country playlist

Album Lyrics: After You/pride's Not Hard To Swallow [1973]

Hank Williams Jr.
"After You/pride's Not Hard To Swallow [1973]"

1. After You playlist
2. Name Dropper playlist
3. I Love You A Thousand Ways playlist
4. She Went A Little Bit Farther playlist
5. I Can't Cry Back In playlist
6. Country Music (Those Tear Jerking Songs) playlist

Album Lyrics: Fourteen Greatest Hits [1976]

Hank Williams Jr.
"Fourteen Greatest Hits [1976]"

1. Pride's Not Hard To Swallow playlist
2. The Last Love Song playlist

Album Lyrics: Major Moves [1984]

Hank Williams Jr.
"Major Moves [1984]"

1. Knoxville Courthouse Blues playlist
2. Promises playlist
3. Video Blues playlist
4. Blues Medley playlist
5. Country Relaxin' playlist
6. Wild And Blue playlist

Album Lyrics: America (The Way I See It) [1990]

Hank Williams Jr.
"America (The Way I See It) [1990]"

1. Mr. Lincoln playlist
2. I've Got Rights playlist
3. The Coalition To Ban Coalitions playlist
4. All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over For Monday Night Football playlist
5. Give A Damn playlist
6. Practice What I Preach playlist
7. U.S.A. Today playlist

Album Lyrics: Ballads Of The Hills And Plains [1965]

Hank Williams Jr.
"Ballads Of The Hills And Plains [1965]"

1. Doc Holliday playlist
2. Cowpoke playlist
3. Blizzard playlist
4. The Rainmaker playlist
5. Streets Of Laredo playlist
6. The Eyes Of Death playlist

Album Lyrics: Blues My Name [1966]

Hank Williams Jr.
"Blues My Name [1966]"

1. Salt Lake City playlist
2. Good Leavin' Alone playlist
3. Weary Blues From Waitin' playlist
4. Wrong Doin' Man playlist
5. These Boots Are Made For Walkin' playlist
6. Cry, Cry Darling playlist
7. When You're Tired Of Breaking Other Hearts playlist
8. Blues My Name playlist
9. Low As A Man Can Go playlist
10. Old Frank playlist
11. So Easy To Forgive Her (So Hard To Forget) playlist

Album Lyrics: Bocephus [1975]

Hank Williams Jr.
"Bocephus [1975]"

1. Where He's Going, I've Already Been playlist
2. Window Up Above playlist
3. Country Love playlist
4. Yours And His playlist
5. Same Old Story playlist
6. Goodbye playlist
7. (I Heard That) Lonesome Whistle playlist
8. Kind Of Woman I Got playlist
9. I've Loved You All Over The World playlist

Album Lyrics: I'm One of You [2003]

Hank Williams Jr.
"I'm One of You [2003]"

1. Devil In The Bottle playlist
2. Amos Moses playlist
3. Liquor To Like Her playlist
4. Just Enough To Get In Trouble playlist
5. I'm One Of You playlist
6. What's On The Bar playlist
7. Games People Play playlist
8. Waylon's Guitar playlist
9. Why Can't We All Just Get A Long Neck playlist
10. American Offline playlist
11. Guitar Money playlist

Album Lyrics: Born To Boogie [1987]

Hank Williams Jr.
"Born To Boogie [1987]"

1. Honky Tonk Women playlist
2. Keep Your Hands To Yourself playlist
3. Buck Naked playlist
4. Thanks A Lot playlist
5. What It Boils Down To playlist
6. Shadow Face playlist

Album Lyrics: Connie Francis And Hank Williams Jr. Sing Great Country Favorites [1964]

Hank Williams Jr.
"Connie Francis And Hank Williams Jr. Sing Great Country Favorites [1964]"

1. Wolverton Mountain playlist
2. Please Help Me I'm Falling (In Love With You) playlist
3. Walk On By playlist
4. If You've Got The Money (I've Got The Time) playlist
5. Making Believe playlist
6. No Letter Today playlist
7. Bye Bye Love playlist
8. Wabash Cannonball playlist

Album Lyrics: Country Shadows [1966]

Hank Williams Jr.
"Country Shadows [1966]"

1. Almost Nearly But Not Quite Plumb playlist
2. Guess What, That's Right, She's Gone playlist
3. I Can Take Anything playlist

Album Lyrics: Family Traditon [1979]

Hank Williams Jr.
"Family Traditon [1979]"

1. To Love Somebody playlist
2. Old Flame New Fire playlist
3. Always Loving You playlist
4. We Can Work It All Out playlist
5. Only Daddy That'll Walk The Line playlist
6. Paying On Time playlist
7. I Just Ain't Been Able playlist

Album Lyrics: Red To Blue [1995]

Hank Williams Jr.
"Red To Blue [1995]"

1. Lovesick Blues playlist

Album Lyrics: Father And Son [1965]

Hank Williams Jr.
"Father And Son [1965]"

1. May You Never Be Alone playlist
2. Lost Highway playlist
3. Wedding Bells playlist

Album Lyrics: Habits Old And New [1980]

Hank Williams Jr.
"Habits Old And New [1980]"

1. Move It On Over playlist
2. Dinosaur playlist
3. Here I Am Fallin' Again playlist
4. The Blues Man playlist
5. All In Alabama playlist
6. Won't It Be Nice playlist

Album Lyrics: Living Proof [1974]

Hank Williams Jr.
"Living Proof [1974]"

1. I Just Don't Like This Kind Of Livin' playlist
2. All I Had To Do playlist
3. Confused playlist
4. How Long Will You Keep Coming Back To Me playlist
5. Before You Fell Out Of Love With Me playlist
6. Getting Over You playlist
7. Where She Left Off playlist

Album Lyrics: Hank Live [1987]

Hank Williams Jr.
"Hank Live [1987]"

1. I Really Like Girls playlist
2. Intro: Hank Williams Junior, Junior playlist
3. Workin' For MCA playlist
5. La Grange playlist
6. Medley: Trouble In Mind/Short Haired Woman playlist
7. House Of The Rising Sun playlist
8. The Ride playlist
9. Medley: Family Tradition/Hey Good Lookin' playlist

Album Lyrics: Five-O [1985]

Hank Williams Jr.
"Five-O [1985]"

1. The Nashville Scene playlist
2. Something To Believe In playlist
3. Lawyers, Guns, And Money playlist
4. I've Been Around playlist
5. New Orleans playlist
6. Outlaw's Reward playlist

Album Lyrics: Friendship [2009]

Hank Williams Jr.
"Friendship [2009]"

1. Two Old Cats Like Us playlist

Album Lyrics: Greatest Hits, Vol. 3 [1989]

Hank Williams Jr.
"Greatest Hits, Vol. 3 [1989]"

1. My Name is Bocephus (Live version) playlist

Album Lyrics: Hank Williams Jr. & Friends [1975]

Hank Williams Jr.
"Hank Williams Jr. & Friends [1975]"

1. On Susan's Floor playlist
2. I Really Did playlist
3. Clovis, New Mexico playlist

Album Lyrics: Hank Williams/hank Williams Jr. Again [1966]

Hank Williams Jr.
"Hank Williams/hank Williams Jr. Again [1966]"

1. My Sweet Love Ain't Around playlist
2. I'll Be A Bachelor Till I Die playlist
3. Window Shopping playlist
4. My Bucket's Got A Hole In It playlist
5. Howlin' At The Moon playlist
6. My Son Calls Another Man Daddy playlist
7. Baby We're Really In Love playlist
8. Why Should We Try Anymore playlist

Album Lyrics: High Notes [1982]

Hank Williams Jr.
"High Notes [1982]"

1. Whiskey On Ice playlist
2. High And Pressurized playlist
3. I Can't Change My Tune playlist
4. The South's Gonna Rattle Again playlist
5. Ain't Makin' No Headlines (Here Without You) playlist
6. I've Been Down playlist
7. If You Wanna Get To Heaven playlist
8. Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) playlist

Album Lyrics: Hog Wild [1995]

Hank Williams Jr.
"Hog Wild [1995]"

1. Between Heaven And Hell playlist
2. Daytona Nights playlist
3. It's A Start playlist
4. Greeted In Enid playlist
5. Eyes Of Waylon playlist

Album Lyrics: I've Got A Right To Cry [1971]

Hank Williams Jr.
"I've Got A Right To Cry [1971]"

1. Another Place Another Time playlist
2. Happy Kind Of Sadness playlist
3. After All They Used To Belong To Me playlist
4. I Almost Lost My Mind playlist
5. End Of A Bad Day playlist

Album Lyrics: Pure Hank [1991]

Hank Williams Jr.
"Pure Hank [1991]"

1. (I've Got My) Future On Ice playlist
2. Kiss Mother Nature Goodbye playlist
3. Be Careful Who You Love (Arthur's Song) playlist
4. Memphis Belle playlist
5. Honky Tonk Train playlist
6. Hollywood Honeys playlist
7. Just To Satisfy You playlist
8. Simple Man playlist

Album Lyrics: Live At Cobo Hall [1969]

Hank Williams Jr.
"Live At Cobo Hall [1969]"

1. Detroit City playlist
2. Foggy Mountain Breakdown playlist
3. She Thinks I Still Care playlist
4. Darling You Know I Wouldn't Lie playlist
5. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry playlist

Album Lyrics: Lone Wolf [1990]

Hank Williams Jr.
"Lone Wolf [1990]"

1. Hot To Trot playlist
2. Big Mamou playlist
3. I Mean I Love You playlist
4. Man To Man playlist
5. Almost Persuaded playlist
6. Lone Wolf playlist

Album Lyrics: Luke The Drifter Jr. [1969]

Hank Williams Jr.
"Luke The Drifter Jr. [1969]"

1. I Dreamed About Mama Last Night playlist
2. Fly Trouble playlist
3. On Trial playlist
4. At The First Fall Of Snow playlist
5. Please Make Up Your Mind playlist
6. Everything's Okay playlist

Album Lyrics: The New South [1977]

Hank Williams Jr.
"The New South [1977]"

1. Uncle Pen playlist

Album Lyrics: Luke The Drifter Jr. Volume 2 [1969]

Hank Williams Jr.
"Luke The Drifter Jr. Volume 2 [1969]"

1. Beyond The Sunset playlist
2. Life Gets Tee-Jus Don't It playlist

Album Lyrics: Luke The Drifter Jr. Volume 3 [1970]

Hank Williams Jr.
"Luke The Drifter Jr. Volume 3 [1970]"

1. It Don't Take But One Mistake playlist
2. There Must Be A Better Way To Live playlist
3. Long Black Limousine playlist
4. Driven Away playlist
5. Little Boy's Prayer playlist
6. Dream That Woke Me Up playlist
7. Something To Think About playlist
8. Men With Broken Hearts playlist
9. Goin' Home playlist

Album Lyrics: Man Of Steel [1983]

Hank Williams Jr.
"Man Of Steel [1983]"

1. The Air That I Breathe playlist
2. Woman On The Run playlist
3. She Had Me playlist
4. Midnight Rider playlist
5. Now I Know How George Feels playlist
6. It Just Don't Get It No More playlist
7. Orange Blossom Special playlist

Album Lyrics: Maverick [1992]

Hank Williams Jr.
"Maverick [1992]"

1. Lyin' Jukebox playlist
2. Wild Weekend playlist
3. The Count Song playlist
4. I Know What You've Got Up Your Sleeve playlist
5. Hotel Whiskey playlist
6. Fax Me A Beer playlist
7. Low Down Blues playlist
8. A Little Less Talk And A Lot More Action playlist
9. Cutbank, Montana playlist

Album Lyrics: Montana Cafe [1986]

Hank Williams Jr.
"Montana Cafe [1986]"

1. Montana Cafe playlist
2. My Girl Don't Like My Cowboy Hat playlist
3. When Something Is Good (Why Does It Change) playlist
4. Medley: Harvest Moon/st. Louis Blues playlist
5. Loving Instructor playlist
6. Fat Friends playlist
7. You Can't Judge A Book (By Looking At The Cover) playlist

Album Lyrics: My Own Way [1967]

Hank Williams Jr.
"My Own Way [1967]"

1. I'm In No Condition playlist
2. Just Another Town playlist
3. Moods Of Mary playlist
4. What A Heck Of A Mess playlist
5. I Can't Take It No Longer playlist
6. Kiowa Jones playlist

Album Lyrics: My Songs [1968]

Hank Williams Jr.
"My Songs [1968]"

1. No Meaning And No End playlist
2. Three Miles To Right playlist
3. I Ain't Sharin' Sharon playlist
4. Your Love's Like A Stranger playlist
5. Prison Of Memories playlist
6. Funny Feelings playlist
7. Young Man's Fancy playlist
8. Hanging My Teardrops Out To Dry playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Hank Williams Jr.

Hank Williams Jr.
"Other Songs - Hank Williams Jr."

1. A Country Boy Can Survive (Y2k Version) playlist
2. A-Eee playlist
3. All I Can Give You Is My Heart playlist
4. America Will Survive playlist
5. Big Midnight Special playlist
6. Big River playlist
7. Blueberry Hill playlist
8. Chair That Rocked Us All playlist
9. Cool Water playlist
10. Day Dreams playlist
11. Divorce Or Destroy playlist
12. Family Traditon playlist
13. Folsom Prison Blues playlist
14. Free Born Man playlist
15. Glass playlist
16. Guess Things Happen That Way playlist
17. Half As Much playlist
18. Hamburger Steak Holiday Inn playlist
19. Hey Porter playlist
20. I Hope It Rains Today playlist
21. I Know It's Not Been Easy Loving Me playlist
22. I Still Miss Someone playlist
23. I Uncle John playlist
24. I Went To All That Trouble For Nothin' playlist
25. I'll Follow You Up To Our Cloud playlist
26. I'm Just Crying Cause I Care playlist
27. I'm Sorry For You My Friend playlist
28. I'm Walkin' playlist
29. If I Were A Carpenter playlist
30. Just Waiting playlist
31. Let's Talk It Over Again playlist
32. Loser playlist
33. Make The World Go Away playlist
34. Man Is On His Own playlist
35. Money Can't Buy Happiness playlist
36. My Hometown Circle R playlist
37. Next Time I Say Goodbye I'm Leaving playlist
38. Night Train To Memphis playlist
39. Nighttime And My Baby playlist
40. North To Alaska playlist
41. Old Before My Time playlist
42. Picture From Life's Other Side playlist
43. Please Don't Let Me Love You playlist
44. Removing The Shadow playlist
45. Ring Of Fire playlist
46. Rock In My Shoe playlist
47. Rockin' Chair Money playlist
48. Send Me Some Lovin' playlist
49. Settin' The Woods On Fire playlist
50. So Sad (To Watch Good Love Go Bad) playlist
51. Someone To Give My Love To playlist
52. Stirrn' It Up playlist
53. Stop And Think It Over playlist
54. Take These Chains From My Heart playlist
55. Ten Ton Load playlist
56. Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye playlist
57. There Goes My Everything playlist
58. There's Gotta Be Much More To Life Than You playlist
59. They'll Never Take Her Love From Me playlist
60. Thirsty playlist
61. Too Many Highs And Too Many Lows playlist
62. Too Soon To Think Of Love Again playlist
63. Twenty Mule Team playlist
64. Understand Your Man playlist
65. What We Used To Hang On To Is Gone playlist
66. When I Stop Dreaming playlist
67. Whole Lotta Loving playlist

Album Lyrics: The Early Years, Part Two [1986]

Hank Williams Jr.
"The Early Years, Part Two [1986]"

1. Angels Get Lonesome Sometimes playlist
2. Building Memories playlist
3. Honey, Won't You Call Me playlist
4. She's Still The Star (On The Stage Of My Mind) playlist
5. Feelin Better playlist
6. New South playlist
7. Long Way To Hollywood playlist
8. Montgomery In The Rain playlist
9. Looking At The Rain playlist

Album Lyrics: The Early Years, Part One [1986]

Hank Williams Jr.
"The Early Years, Part One [1986]"

1. I'm Not Responsible playlist
3. It's Different With You playlist
4. How's My Ex Treating You playlist
5. You're Gonna Change (Or I'm Gonna Leave) playlist
6. One Night Stands playlist
8. Once And For All playlist
9. Storms Never Last playlist

Album Lyrics: One Night Stands [1977]

Hank Williams Jr.
"One Night Stands [1977]"

1. Cherokee playlist
2. Daddy (I Need You Tonight) playlist

Album Lyrics: Out Of Left Field [1993]

Hank Williams Jr.
"Out Of Left Field [1993]"

1. Diamind Mine playlist
2. Blue Lady In A Red Mercedes playlist
3. Both Sides Of Goodbye playlist
4. Hide And Seek playlist
5. Hold What You've Got playlist
6. Dirty Mind playlist

Album Lyrics: Rowdy [1981]

Hank Williams Jr.
"Rowdy [1981]"

1. You Can't Find Many Kissers playlist
2. Ain''t Much More playlist
3. I Got A Right To Be Wrong playlist
4. Footlights playlist
5. Tennessee River playlist
6. Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way playlist

Album Lyrics: Sings The Songs Of Hank Williams [1964]

Hank Williams Jr.
"Sings The Songs Of Hank Williams [1964]"

1. I'm A Long Gone Daddy playlist
2. Cold, Cold Heart playlist
3. Hey Good Lookin' playlist
4. There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight playlist
5. A Mansion On The Hill playlist

Album Lyrics: Songs My Father Left Me [1969]

Hank Williams Jr.
"Songs My Father Left Me [1969]"

1. For Me There Is No Place playlist
2. Is This Goodbye playlist
3. Your Turn To Cry playlist
4. Where Do I Go From Here playlist
5. Are You Lonely Too playlist
6. Homesick playlist
7. My Heart Won't Let Me Go playlist
8. You Can't Take My Memories Of You playlist

Album Lyrics: Stormy [1999]

Hank Williams Jr.
"Stormy [1999]"

1. They All Want To Go Wild (And I Want To Go Home) playlist
2. Gibbonsville Gold playlist
3. Naked Women And Beer playlist
4. Hank Hill Is The King playlist
5. All Jokes Aside playlist

Album Lyrics: Strong Stuff [1983]

Hank Williams Jr.
"Strong Stuff [1983]"

1. A Whole Lot Of Hank playlist
2. Made In The Shade playlist
3. The Girl On The Front Row At Fort Worth playlist
4. The Homecoming Queen playlist
5. Blue Jean Blues playlist
6. Twodot Montana playlist
7. In The Arms Of Cocaine playlist

Album Lyrics: Sunday Morning [1969]

Hank Williams Jr.
"Sunday Morning [1969]"

1. House Of Gold playlist
2. Jesus Is A Soul Man playlist
3. I'm Gonna Sing playlist
4. Wealth Won't Save Your Soul playlist
5. How Can You Refuse Him Now playlist
6. Jesus Don't Give Up On Me playlist
7. Wait For The Light To Shine playlist
8. Ready To Go Home playlist

Album Lyrics: The Almeria Club Recordings [2002]

Hank Williams Jr.
"The Almeria Club Recordings [2002]"

1. The F Word playlist
2. If The Good Lord's Willin' (And The Creeks Don't Rise) playlist
3. X-Treme Country playlist
4. Last Pork Chop (Acoustic) playlist
5. Big Top Women playlist
6. The Cheatin' Hotel playlist
7. Outdoor Lovin' Man playlist
8. Almeria Jam playlist
9. Tee Tot Song playlist
10. Cross On The Highway playlist
11. America Will Survive (Studio Version) playlist
12. Last Pork Chop playlist
13. Go Girl Go playlist

Album Lyrics: The Pressure Is On [1981]

Hank Williams Jr.
"The Pressure Is On [1981]"

1. Tennessee Stud playlist
2. Ramblin' In My Shoes playlist
3. The Pressure Is On playlist
4. I Don't Care (If Tomorrow Never Comes) playlist
5. Weatherman playlist
6. Everytime I Hear That Song playlist
7. Ballad Of Hank playlist

Album Lyrics: Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound [1979]

Hank Williams Jr.
"Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound [1979]"

1. Tired Of Being Johnny B. Good playlist
2. Outlaw Women playlist
3. I Don't Have Anymore Love Songs playlist
4. Women I've Never Had playlist
5. O.D.'d In Denver playlist
6. Come And Go Blues playlist
7. Old Nashville Cowboys playlist

Album Lyrics: Wild Streak [1988]

Hank Williams Jr.
"Wild Streak [1988]"

1. Love M.D. playlist
2. I'm Just A Man playlist
3. Tuesday's Gone playlist