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Artist/Band: Edwin McCain
Lyrics for Song: Jesters, Dreamers, And Thieves
Lyrics for Album: Honor Among Thieves [1995]

Looking back on younger days the view stretched on for miles

We charged into our futures with laughter and smiles

As we traveled blindly the road became so thick

No chance to change direction and we've laughed until we're sick

Now I keep company with wicked evil men

My generosity's brimming but I'm still inclined to sin

My friends think I am crazy and I know that may be so

But I'm as happy with a penny as coffers full of gold


And so for all of you I say, don't miss the forest for all the trees

And don't ever question Honor Among Thieves

The undergrowth has parted now the path is easily read

It's lined with all the doubters regretting all they've said

God bless all the dreamers and those who lead with soul

For how can you know virtue 'less you fought out of a hole


Trickle of a chuckle as laughter starts to pour

Bells begin to jingle the trickles now a roar

Pan floutist, cloven dancer

The mischief has begun

Laugh with me if it's funny, laugh at me if it's fun

And I don't know St. Peter but I know he believes

There's a place in heaven for Jesters, Dreamers & Thieves

Album Lyrics: Honor Among Thieves [1995]

Edwin McCain
"Honor Among Thieves [1995]"

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