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Artist/Band: Flobots
Lyrics for Song: 101101010010100
Lyrics for Album: Onomatopoeia [2001]

Disorganization, forging nations of papers predestinating superhero capers

Light sabers my neighbors consist of

Mint cookies bent books keys three tennis balls

Peanut butter a Japanese chicken clock and when it falls

On eight thirty I'm hurting it's early and my hair is dirty

Teeth as if beneath a highlighter, just not pearly

Peeling armhairs harm their relation to the band-aid

The mucas formation is man made

I plan eight minutes more of sleep

I'm in it snorin deep

beep beep beep

When again it roars I keep my eyelids analagous to

a succesful venus-fly trap

Tellin my left brain it's Saturday well he must buy that

Wakin up again I look around and find another year has passed

We're discovering

at last near a lover not so fast

here I'm hovering to make time slow down go back to last year

we'll meet again but the characters are never gonna

be the same that's clear

I wanna see your name hand written on a letter whether

this is planned or not

Life keeps getting better but still I just don't understand a lot

I'm growing up and up up out out damn this spot's

Similar to a ball I saw in a mall it expands and knocks me off course

Of course that's just how it goes

The farther I walk from my house the more my world grows

So I froze

Thinking bout being four years old I'm missing the

Days when I was with everyone I knew just around the Christmas tree

Now there's so many people and so many place s and

so many faces that the only way

that I could ever get you all together would be to die

So you could ask what's the point of makin friends

You just end up forsakin them

Well god's given me life, so I'm livin. That's why

That's why I went to the bookstore

To look for a Zodiac sign book

Quick, search, find, look

Wrote it down in my rhymebook

To check and see if we're compatible I had to pull back my left arm

It said a libra plus another one is a double dose of charm


Time this is your time this is your time this is your brain

(never known such intensity)

Fine this is your line this is your mind this is your brain

(now a lot of radio songs make sense to me)

How unlikely I found someone to soothe my psyke so

write me cuz you make me wanna

pull a nike words on the tip of my tongue and it might

be urge in my hips and I'm sprung

like bike seats when you spoke you turned my wheels

now I can't handle the breaks

project images pure no scandalous fakes I could light

up the candle and baste your bare

body wax til you make the same noise pamela makes

There's something smack dab in the center I lack the

vocab to enter a discussion of exatly

what makes you a WINNER hot SPRINGS roommates FALL into place SUMMER too

soon all in the case of I wonder who knows what goes

up under two close cut birthday

twins I just can't seem to pin down why it relates

to inside her I spider cuz she's fly

recognize a certain sigh that I heard windows open

curtains tied and the birds saying this

is the dawn I thought about the places my kisses had

gone given self quizzes on the

course of events every resource sent my brainwaves

to the same thought content things

that had mattered before were laughable shattered at

the door give it autobiographical

point of pivot week and the weekend before I wanted

power but all that changed in an

hour movin over worlds when I met my dream lover the

clover girls fell off the magazine

covers I hadda seem utterly thrilled cuz I was goofy

expression on my grill dumbstruck I

was buzzed offa disbelief even though I thought we

might no one ever got me quite so

right as the night of your favorite thing conversation

and laughter and the night after and

the night after damn I like hafta see you now it's worth it man... perfect


Time this is your time this is your time this is your brain (this is my)

Fine this is your line this is your mind this is your brain (this is my)

Time this is your time this is your time this is your brain (this is my)

Fine this is your line this is your mind this is your brain (this is my)


This is my heart this is the part one asleep one awake

back to back in the dark

(In the night there's two in the light only one of us will remain)

I'm in denial I can't believe it was all just a trial

now I'm writing this song in asylum I

haven't sen you in a while one side left now I gotta

walk single file come back soon

please even in a full classroom if you're not there

then it feels like a vacuum in fact you

never really heard me attack you with every little

word about what makes me attract to

the only girl I every wanna kiss ever throw rice with

you're a priceless treasure a living

piece of bliss and pleasure so fuck this weather whatever

if I hafta stop rappin I'm a

break into tears my head's ringing from the noises

that you make in my ears so I'm stuck

now waitin a year don't give a fuck how I struck out

what for goodness sake I'm here

father time patricide need you like an artery hopin

that you cried a fraction as hard as me

relax an just pardon the expression but I love yo-no

I love attraction, or I love my own

reaction added one to my self and I couldn't help meltin

to nothin, subtraction

Been around the world been another year

I recover thoroughly And now I'm here

Like a mother pearl layer top of layer

Met another girl here comes the fear and the sheer joy

And the sheer bliss floating through the universe on a kiss

Lips slippin and I'm trippin grippin drippin doubt

Flippin out over just this? And I stay

Calm recite this song listen

Second verse connects fittin

Her with you and you with me and third verse needs remixin

I need a fifth one to say I keep meetin you under different conditions

Last one made my heart smart shit I wanna start right with this one

Now I'm with you, now I miss you, now I don't know when I'm gonna see you

And I'd like to and I'd love to and I maybe even wanna be you

So I'm thankful and I'm spiteful in the night pullin at you tight

Sank fully into the shadow you left recall

The strength of your bad breath

And the smell of sweat, bet another fella gets jealous me well it's not yet

I'd picture maybe we could get together in another

place, another time signature

Hey hope you didn't mind this is your

Face painted in my rhyme

This is yours, this is yours... this is mine

This is yours this is yours this is mine

(Whatever you attach to is what you become)

(Now I don't know when I'm ana see you)

This is yours this is yours this is mine

(One plus one double horizontal line one)

(And I maybe even wanna be you)

Album Lyrics: Onomatopoeia [2001]

"Onomatopoeia [2001]"

1. Onomatopoeia
2. 101101010010100