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Artist/Band: Flobots
Lyrics for Song: Defend Atlantis
Lyrics for Album: Survival Story [2010]

That was as far as the tide came in

I remember the starfish and the wails of the sirens then

We replaced the tridents, embraced Poseidon

Discovered ourselves living on an island

We flow like water 'cross the lost city

Chalk prophecies and washed off graffiti

In continents, trade off for payoff

And high concepts then lost to K-Os

Many tales radiate from one nexus

Defending a dream of a new directive

A call from the deep sums up a notion

The day when the people bum-rushed the ocean

From the beaches they

Ran to meet the day after

Underneath, the waves

Won't repeat the same chapter

Knew what they had to do

That which creates life

Has power to take it right back

Fucking with the icecaps

We gotta push the tide back

We can survive, collapse if we don't get sidetracked

If we visualize living underwater hidden by prisms

Countries fall but people transition

If one for all, we live in that vision

Hundred dollar bill Origami

Balloon inflation, new world economy

We float on tsunami to global warming

We need structures to control what's coming

Corporate monopolies obsolete

The philosophy leaves us lost at sea

But from Marwar to Cochabamba

We are the warriors that won't get conquered

'Cause rising tides drown all villages

Divided fighters succumb to pillage

Rescuers whatever your latitude

It's time to pioneer a new world attitude

Put local cycles first we're Global

Islanders with nothing left to plunder

From the beaches they

Ran to meet the day after

Underneath, the waves

Won't repeat the same chapter

Knew what they had to do

For centuries

Human beings have pursued the meaning of Atlantis

Central to their teaching is that it's existence

Answers man's essential questions

Much like the feeding of the five thousand

Even if the facts aren't accurate, the story's magic is alive

Of utmost importance to convert the impertinent

Atlantis holds the answer to man's ills at their most pertinent

Aspersions easily dispersed when I certainly answer

The most diverse aversions when I firstly channel

Is this all that you hold for a warrior's role?

The ground shakes, you claim my country, not my soul

I fought, I toiled for the lost in the waves

And I will not tire, I'll die no slave

If the sea's my grave

I sleep with my city, my people, my oath, my shame, my city

Is that I cannot save my city from the waves that claim you

And curse the Gods who can't explain who to blame

At the end of the reign, heed me

The season passes Atlas, his keep's in the sediment

Failing monumentally and leaving no monuments to see

Only sea to shining sea

And survival hinged on the ascent by the humble

And the sirens wailed as the empire crumbled

With nothing to plunder, corporations drowned

Waves clapped like thunder and stormed the gates with sound

Forming a new nation now

As the icecaps melted water levels rose

We raised our hands together and made the levees hold

Heels in the sand, we revealed the depths below

The population of starfish exploded from the ocean

Survival, we unified to focus on

And the voices were many but we spoke as one

As the tale was retold, we multiplied

And swelled across the fault lines to halt the tide

We let the altars die to keep our pulse alive

And from the barren wastelands of naked trash

We stitched together, a shelter from fallen nation's flags

And chose to build a future from an ancient past

The crowns of thorns was worn, we put the Tritons down

We found new forms of anchors deep inside the ground

The world is an island now

Album Lyrics: Survival Story [2010]

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