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Artist/Band: George Harrison
Lyrics for Song: Behind That Locked Door
Lyrics for Album: All Things Must Pass [2000]

Why are you still crying?

Your pain is now through

Please forget those teardrops

Let me take them from you

The love you are blessed with

This world's waiting for

So let out your heart please, please

From behind that locked door

It's time we start smiling

What else should we do?

With only this short time

I'm gonna be here with you

And the tales you have taught me

From the things that you saw

Makes me want out your heart, please, please

From behind that locked door

And if ever my love goes

If I'm rich or I'm poor

Come and let out my heart, please, please

From behind that locked door

Album Lyrics: All Things Must Pass [2000]

George Harrison
"All Things Must Pass [2000]"

1. I'd Have You Anytime
2. Wah-Wah
3. If Not For You
4. Behind That Locked Door
5. Run Of The Mill
6. I Live For You
7. Let It Down
8. Beware Of Darkness
9. Apple Scruffs
10. Awaiting On You All
11. I Dig Love
12. Art Of Dying
13. Hear Me Lord
14. It's Johnny's Birthday
15. Plug Me In
16. I Remember Jeep
17. Thanks For The Pepperoni
18. Out Of The Blue